Tuesday, January 28, 2020

#CallForArtists: SaveArtSpace presents Your Art New York

This is your opportunity to have your art on a billboard in New York City! All artists are encouraged to submit. For this exhibition SaveArtSpace has three curators, who will select three artists, once each!

Curated by Chiru Mondo Murage, Ché Morales, and Jeremy Cohen.

Open Call for Art ends: January 30 at 11:59pm (Eastern).

For All Available Open Calls Please Visit SaveArtSpace.org/submit

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Miami Design District Public Art Tours

Experience a Public Art Tour of the Miami Design District on Saturday, February 1st from 3 – 4:30pm. Join the Miami Design District in partnership with Arts Encounters, for a free guided tour of the neighborhood’s world-renowned public art. Art critic, journalist and educator Margery Gordon leads two tours a month that showcase selected public artworks and architectural highlights along distinctive routes. This Event is FREE and Open to the Public, RSVP here.

Meet in front of the Fly’s Eye Dome on the first floor of Palm Court. (enter at 140 NE 39th Street)

Fabien Castanier Gallery presents Hermes Berrio 'The Extravagance of the Quotidian'

The Extravagance of the Quotidian

Hermes Berrio solo exhibition
February 8 - 29, 2020

Wynwood | Saturday, February 8th @ 6pm
Little River Progressive Art Brunch | Sunday, February 16th @ 11am

Fabien Castanier Gallery is excited to present a solo exhibition for Colombian, Miami-based artist, Hermes Berrio. The exhibition, The Extravagance of the Quotidian, is on view February 8 – 29, and will be held in both gallery locations. The show will commence with a reception in Wynwood on Saturday, February 8, and will have a subsequent opening in Little River on Sunday, February 16 with the Progressive Art Brunch event. This is the first solo exhibition for Hermes Berrio at the gallery, featuring a new series of large-scale paintings.

For The Extravagance of the Quotidian, Hermes Berrio captures the significance from his everyday life, relating it with a grand scope that emphasizes both the mundane and the extraordinary. With reality as the foundation to his practice, Berrio creates a vibrant narrative and a personal reflection on the world. Finding inspiration in these unusual and yet commonplace experiences, the artist explores the complexity of such simple moments and renders them on a monumental scale. He has re-imagined, re-arranged, and metamorphosed visions of a cultural and personal landscape, seeking new ways to interpret one's truth visually.

Hermes Berrio (b. 1980, Colombia) studied art formally in New York, and has since grown his artistic career in Miami. In recent years, he has participated in group and solo exhibitions around the world for galleries and institutions in the U.S. and Colombia, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Australia, and Canada. He's also completed a number of murals, with the most recent installations throughout the city of Miami. In 2018 he was awarded a grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation and in 2019 from the Ruth and Harold Chenven Foundation. He continues to evolve his practice, investigating new processes and mediums, while challenging contemporary expectations with his prodigious compositions.

A catalog work is available, please contact the gallery for more information.

IMAGE: Hermes Berrio | "A La Mode" fabrics, acrylic, collage, gold leaf on canvas, 96 x 80 in. (244x203cm)

Dimensions Variable presents Ouroboros: Emanuel Ribas

Emanuel Ribas

Experience the Opening Reception of the exhibition Ouroboros, featuring artist Emanuel Ribas at Dimensions Variable tonight Saturday, January 25th from 6-10pm. Emanuel Ribas’ work is procedural, layered, and expressive in nature and in many ways a reflection of himself. Rather than communicating with words, or using some kind of visual narrative to illustrate a story or moment in time, he’s driven by an innate desire to use materials that are often seen in the home and workplace. These materials, when taken apart and manipulated over a period of time, are then combined to create an assemblage that encompasses various elements of his history, identity, and psychology. The exhibition runs from January 25 through March 14, 2020.

For the project gallery at Dimensions Variable (DV), Ribas will explore the idea that the beginning and end—to something, to someone—can be one and the same. Very similarly, his process of material exploration has no endpoint and no beginning. Like the period at the end of a sentence both conclude a statement and connect to the other sentences in a paragraph, the artwork in its “final” state represents both the conclusion of a process and an invitation to whatever comes next—the beginning of something else. So, when confronted with the possibilities of what is deemed the beginning or end we should look at it in the form of a continuous cycle, an ouroboros.

Dimensions Variable is located at 101 NW 79th Street
in Miami, Florida 33150.

The Abstract Expressionist Art of South Florida Artist Brandon Aday

‘Greed Decomposed on a Martian Desert’, Mixed Media, 24″ x 30″

South Florida-based artist Brandon Aday creates ethereal abstracts that reflect both the natural and man-made world, focusing on an abstract expressionist style of painting.

Brandon Aday discussing his work on exhibit at Pridelines Gallery during Miami Art Week

Miami artist Brandon Aday works with acrylics & oils on canvas and paper, he is best known for his eye-catching, large-scale abstract paintings. Brandon has had a lifelong love of art, inspired from an early age by his Mother who is also an artist. He is originally from the South Jersey/Philadelphia area, and attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia. In addition to his paintings, the artist creates his own line of art merchandise, which includes home decor, apparel and accessories.

"I get inspired by urban scenery, concrete structures, cracked sidewalks, or graffiti filled walls. If I see a stain or peeled paint on a weathered surface, I need to take a picture of it for later use. I have hundreds of these inspirational photos on my phone from random places. I like to look at them to absorb them into my subconscious, to come out in unexpected ways on the canvas," explained Aday.

‘Emerald Coast of a Fractional Future’, Mixed Media on Canvas, 30″ x 24″

Brandon exhibits his work with Pridelines Gallery, located in Miami’s historic MiMo/Little River District. He is one of many participating artists committed to Pridelines mission of supporting, educating, and empowering South Florida’s LGBTQ youth and community in safe and diverse spaces to promote dialogue, wellness, and to foster social change. As a result, 30% of all proceeds generated from the sale of an artists’ work is donated back to Pridelines to fund programs and services for local youth experiencing or at-risk of homelessness, and community seeking safe and affirming programs, services, and spaces.

‘Incoherent Dimensionality in Development’, Mixed Media on Canvas, 36″ x 48″. This painting is being donated and auctioned at Art From The Heart on April 25, 2020

Brandon is passionate about giving back, he also participates in an annual art fundraising event ‘Art From The Heart‘, taking place this year at Paradise Plaza in the Miami Design District on Saturday, April 25th, 2020 from 7-10pm. Guests will have the opportunity to view and purchase works from Miami’s world renowned artists and talented emerging artists. There will be over 150 art pieces to select from. All proceeds from the art auction will go towards building a better tomorrow for 1,000 children in foster care at the Family Resource Center of South Florida. Enjoy an open bar, vendors, music, and delicious hors d’ oeuvres prepared by Miami’s premier chefs. Purchase tickets here, and if you buy them before February 14th, you can use the Promo Code: EARLY to get them for half the normal price.

‘Dialogue with Chiseled Canvas’, Mixed Media, 22″ x 28″. This painting is being donated and auctioned at Art From The Heart on April 25, 2020

Artistically, he is inspired by Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Expressionism, Cubism & Abstract Expressionism. Artists who have influenced him the most through the years include Monet, Van Gogh, Munch, Kollwitz, Picasso, Pollock, de Kooning & Rothko. He is also a big fan of Anselm Keifer, Gerhard Richter and artists with similar styles. Brandon loves observing the imperfections and randomness found in everyday life, and transferring that to the canvas.

‘Adventurous Extract from Torqued Morphism’, Acrylic on Canvas, 16″ x 20″. This painting is being donated and auctioned at Art From The Heart on April 25, 2020

To learn more about this fascinating artist, for sales, commissions or general inquires, please email: brandon@artbybrandonaday.com. Visit his website to purchase artwork as well as Brandon’s art merchandise, which includes home decor, apparel and accessories: www.artbybrandonaday.com. Use our special Promo Code MAS10 to purchase paintings that are available with this discount. You can purchase tickets for the upcoming “Art From The Heart” charity event at https://one.bidpal.net/artfromtheheart2020/welcome, and if you buy them before February 14th, you can use the Promo Code: EARLY to get them for half the normal price.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Local Views at PAMM: Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt

Thursday, January 30th from 6-6:30pm experience a local, Miami artist at the Pérez Art Museum Miami, enjoy PAMM’s in-gallery tour program. Local Views at PAMM is where select local artists speak about a few works of art currently on view at the museum. This month, Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt will lead the tour. Behar and Marquardt are known for creating social sculptures for public pleasure. R & R Studios, the collaborative office of Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt, is a multidisciplinary practice weaving together visual arts, architecture, design, and the city.

Local Views at PAMM gives visitors a first-hand interaction with local artists by creating conversations centered around art and the creative process. This casual 30-minute conversation takes place on the fourth Thursday of each month. Free with museum admission. First come, first served.

Image: BEAUTY FOR ALL!Painted Aluminum and LED lights, vinyl ribbons and fabric.Proposal for Pérez Art Museum Miami. Miami, FL.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

SaveArtSpace: Your Art Los Angeles

This is your opportunity to have your art on a billboard in Los Angeles! All artists are encouraged to submit.

Curated by Parker Day.
Open Call for Art ends: January 15 at 11:59pm (Pacific).

For All Available Open Calls Please Visit SaveArtSpace.org/submit

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Become A Spoken Soul Festival Featured Artist

Spoken Soul Festival prides itself on working very hard in support of women artists. Selected featured artists are expected to commit time and energy to represent themselves and the mission of the festival professionally and with integrity. Spoken Soul Festival is excited about seeing submissions from Women Artists whose work is cutting edge, interactive, site specific, with audience participation and with a strong point of view. Each selected artist will receive a budget that will assist with their presentation / installation. Apply Now!

Who Can Apply?
South Florida, women visual & performance artists of all ages, especially those whose work is site-specific, interactive and includes audience participation, but it is NOT required. Artist must be serious about her craft!

Facts you need to consider before applying

SSF 2020 Theme: A Woman’s Right To Vote

“A Woman’s Right To Vote” – Selected featured artists may be commissioned to create NEW work and or may be teamed up with another featured artist to create NEW work. Collaboration and teamwork are required and of the upmost important quality to have as a selected featured artist.

Rehearsal & Performance Dates: March 18-22, 2020

Vendor’s Fee: None

Venue: Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County

Artist MUST Attend: 

  • An orientation meeting and and venue tour which will take place at the beginning of February 2020.  Exact date and location TBA.
  • All 3 events: SWAN Community Program, SWAN Spoken Soul Showcase and Vanessa Baez Memorial Women’s Brunch
  • Any press interviews and/or picture opportunity set up by the marketing team
  • Featured artists will be given a small budget (Amount TBA) to cover the production of their showing / performance.

Artist Products: 

  • Featured artists must provide one (1) donated service or product for our yearlong donation and auction campaign (free of charge to SSF)
  • Optional! Featured artists are asked to provide ten (10) original promotional items for SSF VIP – Media gift bags (allowed artist budget may be applied towards promo materials).


  • Featured artists are required assist with SSF grassroots social media promotions for all events of the festival.
  • Featured artists are required to provide a blog entry (slide show, video or written) for Spoken Soul Community Program about the year’s community service theme.

Community Program:

Featured artists are required to participate in Spoken Soul Community Program on March 20, 2020 Exact activity, locations and time TBA

Apply Now! If you face technical difficulties with your submission below email us at  spokensoulfestival@gmail.com. Please write SUBMISSION in the subject line. Application Deadline is January 30, 2020.

Experience JonOne "Colors of the Uprising" at Fabien Castanier Gallery

Colors of the Uprising

JonOne solo exhibition
November 26, 2019 - February 1, 2020

Fabien Castanier Gallery is excited to present a solo exhibition for urban contemporary artist JonOne, Colors of the Uprising. This is the fifth solo exhibition for JonOne at the gallery, featuring new paintings on canvas.

JonOne brings to Miami his latest body of work, a revelatory examination of moments grand and intimate through the masterful use of movement and color. As the quintessential graffiti-turned-gallery artist, JonOne continues to present impactful compositions that demonstrate an innate understanding of dynamic form through the harnessing of his own vibrant energy. Delving into his past and conjuring the abstract expressionism of his roots, these new paintings lend a glimpse into a chaotic yet balanced vision. His pieces are encounters – the story of conflicts, strife, and ultimate triumph both within ourselves and in our ever-changing modern world.
TOP: JonOne | "Game Over" ink and acrylic on canvas, 45 x 41.5 in. (114x105cm)
Presently, JonOne (b. 1963, New York) stands at the forefront of the urban contemporary art movement. His work has influenced a generation of both graffiti and contemporary artists, having built an impressive oeuvre in the past 30 years. His story begins in Harlem, New York in the 1980s, where as a youth he faced the struggles of finding an outlet for his artistic drive. Seeking freedom and self-expression, he began painting on the streets and on train cars. His current aesthetic can be traced back to this visual foundation of his childhood – the blurred images and colors from graffiti flashing before his eyes as the trains moved past. He was always different, bringing paint brushes instead of spray cans to tag the streets. When he was only 20 years old, he moved to Paris, a place that accepted him artistically and allowed him to develop his graffiti roots in a community that welcomed the proverbial outsider. Establishing his life in France, he has since evolved his career and reputation for the past three decades with a unique style, unparalleled in his genre.

JonOne has worked on a number of collaborations and projects in recent years, lending original designs of his style to notable companies, such as Perrier, Air France, Lacoste, Guerlain, Hennessy, and LG. He has also exhibited at several important galleries and institutions, including the Fondation Cartier for Contemporary Art and the Grand Palais in Paris. In 2015, he was given the Legion of Honor from France, celebrating the achievement with a painting "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité" which was unveiled at the Palais Bourbon, the seat of the French National Assembly.

Catch the Season 8 Premiere of Art Loft

Catch the Season 8 Premiere of Art Loft. Watching in Broward, Miami, or the Keys? Tuesday, January 14th at 7:30pm on WPBT2 - South Florida PBS and on WXEL on Thursday, January 16th at 5:30pm. Art Loft is a 30-minute art program showcasing the local artists, exhibitions, performances, and arts organizations that are positioning South Florida as an emerging leader in the contemporary art world. Art Loft is a collaboration between WPBT2 South Florida PBS, local artists and producers, and other PBS stations around the country.

Monday, January 6, 2020

The Beloved Dog-Themed Art of South Florida Artist Skip Hartzell

Port Saint Lucie-based artist Skip Hartzell creates unique art inspired by man’s best friend. His inspiration comes in the form of a morning walk, accompanied by a furry friend. The canine-inspired artworks that he creates are figments of his artistic imagination and creative vision. Hartzell creates directly from his emotions and instincts, his work is inspired by dogs of all shapes, sizes and varieties.

Artist Skip Hartzell in his art studio with his dogs

Hartzell creates large paintings and works on paper that capture the essence of “dog”. He is best known for his unique sculptures recognized immediately by their distinct form and style that only Hartzell can produce.

‘Violet Dog’, Papercrete and Resin, 28 x 14 x 8 Inches

“Dogs are always in the moment. Although nothing in life has held my attention longer or has been more fascinating to me than dogs, my work is about much more than that. It is about form, movement, color and texture. The dogs are a recognizable common denominator that allows me to communicate my joy of living, passions and sentiments,” explained Skip Hartzell.

‘Litter’, Flashe & Graphite on Paper, 42 x 60 Inches

Whether he’s painting or sculpting, Hartzell’s dogs have a wonderful quality of friendliness about them, and it’s hard to keep yourself from reaching out to touch. And that’s perfectly okay with Hartzell. He’s never been one to place a rope around his artwork.

‘Dog Collar #2’, Resin and Steel, 36 x 12 Inches

“The texture is so important because the tactile experience of sculpture is so primal for me,” he says. “You grab with your hands and just start to mush things together and get your fingers on the materials, and there is just such a richness to the feel.” He says whenever he’s doing a show, he is quick to hand his sculptures to the patrons so they can enjoy the feeling, too. And whether it’s paint on canvas or sculpture, the texture is one of the most captivating and inviting parts of experiencing his artwork. Hartzell may not set out to mimic the look of someone’s beloved pet, but he says his sculptures and paintings often evoke a fond memory of a furry family member.

Happy Skip Hartzell Collectors at Art Palm Beach 2019

The artist has held numerous solo exhibitions at notable art galleries and prestigious art fairs such as Art Palm Beach, A.E. Backus Museum, ArtHouse 429, Paul Fisher Gallery, Aqua Art Fair during Art Basel Miami Beach and many more.

‘Swimmer #2’, Flashe on Canvas, 72 x 72 Inches

“If you love dogs, you are going to love Skip Hartzell’s soulful pieces. His work is representative of caricature features of dogs,” said J. Marshall Adams, the executive director of the A.E. Backus Museum and Gallery in Historic Downtown Fort Pierce where Hartzell has held exhibitions. For sales, commissions, general inquiries or future show information, email: skipperhartzell@yahoo.com / visit www.skiphartzell.com

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Carole Feuerman at Oeno Gallery

Experience the work of Carole Feuerman at Oeno GalleryFeuerman is recognized as one of the world's most renowned, influential, and popular hyperrealist sculptors.

'The Message' 3/6, Mixed Media, Resin, 70 × 32 × 26 inches, (2013).

Carole Feuerman is an American sculptor working in Hyperrealism, a style that grew from Photorealism in the 1970s. A pioneer in this meticulous lens on reality, Feuerman is know for her life-size and monumental sculptures of swimmers.

'Miniature Brooke with Beach Ball' 14/38, Mixed Media, Resin, 12 × 16 × 12 inches, (2018).

Working in a variety of media including resin, marble and bronze, Feuerman’s sensuous works are typically rendered in bold, saturated pigments.

'Christina' 3/6, Mixed Media, Resin, 72 × 19 × 18 inches, (2018).

Feuerman’s work has been exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery, the Venice Biennale and the Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, to name only a few. Her work is held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, the State Hermitage in St. Petersburg, RU, Brandeis University, CUNY Museum of Art, NY, and in the collections of Pres. Bill Clinton and The Emperor of Japan.

'Miniature Quan with Red Ball and Swarovski Crystal', Mixed Media, Resin, 10 × 10 × 7 inches, (2018).

The artist's work is available at Oeno Gallery, peruse Carole Feuerman's pieces here.

Oeno Gallery
2274 County Road 1
Prince Edward County
Ontario, K0K 1G0

Phone: (613) 393-2216