Monday, February 29, 2016

The Ladner Collection of Cuban and Latin American Art will be offered at Art Boca Raton March 17-21, 2016

The Ladner Collection of Cuban and Latin American Art will be offered at the Art Boca Raton Art Fair March 17-21, with an appraised value of over $1.1 Million Dollars it is among the most important privately owned collections. Dr. William Ladner of Boca Raton began his collection over 30 years ago by focusing on a select group of young Cuban artists that immigrated to America and began the Cuban Art scene in Miami.

The Ladner Collection: Victor Salmones, La Danza

The changes in our political and economical relationship with Cuba today cause a large portion of this collection to take on a very special meaning and impact. The artworks in this collection are original statements of this historic era. Many of these Cuban American artists are now included in museum collections throughout America including the Smithsonian and the Metropolitan Museum.

The Ladner Collection: Arturo Rodriguez, Misterioso

The artists include Arturo Rodriguez, Cuba whose works are in the Smithsonian Museum, NSU Museum and The Metropolitan Museum, New York. Enrique Castro-Cid. Chile. The Guggenheim Museum, The Smithsonian Museum, The Brooklyn Museum and MOMA, NY, Demi Rodriguez, Cuba The Smithsonian Museum. Ramon Carulla, Cuba and Pablo Cano, Cuba.

The Ladner Collection: Norma Bessouet, Appoximation

To further diversify Dr. Ladner balanced his collection of other Latin American artists including Antonio Segui, Argentina, Norma Bessouet, Argentina, Ernesto Barredo, Chile, Luis Benedit, Argentina who added their style, size, imagery and content. Select paintings of the most recognized and important artists in the Ladner Collection of over 115 works of art will be exhibited at Art Boca Raton at Booth 108.

The Ladner Collection: Enrique Castro-Cid, Brickell Monday

The Ladner Collection of Cuban and Latin American Art is being offered intact by Lenore Stern-Morris and Gary Hendershott at Booth 108 who will be exhibiting select paintings from this wonderful collection during Art Boca Raton March 18 – March 21 at the International Pavilion of the Palm Beaches, on the campus of Florida Atlantic University; please visit for directions and times.

The Ladner Collection: Antonio Segui 1987

Hendershott goes on to state "This is a unique opportunity for a collector or a museum to expedite the building of their own collections by acquiring this life-time collection of over 115 paintings, offered intact preserved for future generations rather than disbursed and forever separated. Many collectors and museums realize this life-time factor to not only preserve the historical value of this collection, yet also to advance their own collections."

The Ladner Collection: Demi Rodriguez, Kites

Friday, February 26, 2016

Evi Photopoulos' Award-Winning Film 'The BLACK WINES of EROS' in the spotlight at Cannes International Film Festival & Marche Du Film 2016

International filmmaker & artist Evi Photopoulos' award-winning film 'The BLACK WINES of EROS' has been selected for two Festivals during Festival de Cannes - Page Officielle. The short film is being spotlighted with daily screenings and winner at Cannes International Film Festival & Marche Du Film.

Photopoulos is the Guest of Honor with daily screenings of her short film 'The BLACK WINES of EROS' via New World Cinemas May 10-20, 2016. 

"The Festival de Cannes is a celebration of cinematographic art. We exist to showcase the new writing, new genres and new visual innovations of our time. Every year in May, Cannes gives a sort of snapshot - both ephemeral and lasting, when one adds up the years - of what constitutes the art of cinema." -Thierry Frémaux, Director of the Institut Lumière and of the Cannes Film Festival.


The project is a multi-media involvement of fine art, costume design, scenario, poems/songs, and acting based on Photopoulos' poetry book 'Eros The Nude'. Guests at the film festivals will enjoy a live performance with the artist & filmmakers' songs played on the piano during Cannes Festival & March du Film by composer Giannis Christodoulopoulos (Olympic 2004).With daily screenings and her composer playing songs on the piano based on Photopoulos' book of poems. Also New World Cinemas March du Cannes May 11-20, 2016; Official Poster and Daily Screenings with two (2) days of exclusive distribution; May 13 & 14.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Giants are coming to Art Boca Raton!

Experience the famous Giants in the City at the inaugural Art Boca Raton contemporary art fair. The gigantic, inflatable sculptures transform public space into a powerful and memorable art encounter.
Miami Art Scene™ announces Giants in the City at Art Boca Raton March 18-21, 2016. A traveling public art exhibition of massive inflatable sculptures, whose proportions are deliberately designed to create an atmosphere of colossal artistic expression. Art Boca Raton will showcase interactive art demonstrations, documentaries & late nights at the Boca Raton Museum of ArtOne of the fair’s highlights is Giants in the City, sculptures that powerfully transform their immediate space and time with profound meaning and symbolism; creating long lasting inspiring dialogues between the work and the spectator.
Giants in the City was founded by Miami-based visual artist Alejandro Mendoza, produced and organized by Irreversible Projects. "I wanted to create social interaction & dialogue that can lead to a sense of social cohesion," said the renowned artist and curator. The project has been traveling the globe extensively since 2008, showcasing the colossal inflatable sculptures to audiences in places including Monte Carlo, Key West, Mexico City, Miami Beach and more. "Giants in the City was created to encourage interactive activities and relaxation, contemplation in nature, heightened perceptions and the process of creative thought," explained Irreversible Projects’ Noor Blazekovic, who curates and organizes the project alongside Mendoza.
Art Boca Raton will be held in the International Pavilion of the Palm Beaches on the grounds of the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University, dubbed Art Boca Raton Art Week with an extraordinary line-up of lectures, events, interactive demonstrations, local artists at work and off-site events in conjunction with the inaugural art fair. Located at 3450 NW 8th Avenue, Boca Raton, FL 33431. Art Boca Raton opens with an exclusive Vernissage on March 17, 2016 to benefit the Boca Raton Museum of Art  and Art School. Ticket prices for the event are $150 and $250 and may be purchased through the Museum at
For media inquiries, to obtain an interview or receive additional information, please contact: Kat Wagner at Miami Art Scene / (786)571-6112. See and learn more about Giants in the City at

Friday, February 19, 2016

New ‪mural at Radius Garage expands Downtown Hollywood's street art scene

The street art scene in Downtown Hollywood continues to grow as contemporary outdoor murals pop up on the exterior of various buildings as part of the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project (DHMP). To date, 18 vibrant installations are on view throughout the Downtown community.

This month multi-media artists Monica and Tasha Lopez De Victoria, aka the TM Sisters, are bringing their talent to Downtown Hollywood’s Radius Garage, located at 251 N. 19th Avenue.

One of four artists to install an exterior mural in the Downtown area this year, this is the first time the Miami-born duo will showcase their work in Hollywood. The sisters will be painting a large-scale mural of a sunset. The installation began on Feb. 8 and is expected to take several weeks to complete.

The TM Sisters’ work spans mixed media collage to site-specific interactive video performance and everything in between — installations, fashion, social experiments, events and performances. “We’re experimenting all the time; we love to play and collaborate,” Monica told ArtStreet Miami. “We balance each other off.”

Described by the Miami New Times as “techno tropical,” their work is immersive and colorful and influenced by South Florida’s landscape — cultural presence, energy, weather and its colors. Voted “Miami’s Best Artist” by the Miami New Times in 2012, the TM Sisters have shown in exhibitions both locally and internationally, including the Serpentine Gallery in London, the Second Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art and Performa ’07 in New York. Their work has been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, Vogue Italia, STEP Inside Design, L’official and on the cover of ARTNews for its 2007 “25 Trendsetters” feature article.

The TM sisters display their color chart + rendering of the new ‪mural at the Radius Garage (251 N. 19th Ave.)

“Street art is not only bringing creativity, aesthetic beauty, and civic and ethnic identity, but also revitalization to Downtown Hollywood. We’re proud to have the TM Sisters be a part of that; after all, they do great work,” said Jill C. Weisberg, project manager/arts specialist for the Hollywood Florida CRA. “Taking something that is so non-descript as the Radius Garage and turning it into something people are going to be excited to see is talent. Monica and Tasha, along with the other artists who have been involved in the project, are beautifying the city in unexpected ways.”

Launched in August 2012 by the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project is the largest walkable mural project in Broward County. DHMP is a key element in the CRA’s arts-focused initiative to enhance diversity and vibrancy in the Downtown area and features renowned local, national and international artists.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo Jr.'s Award-Winning 'Crackhead Jesus: The Movie' based on his Controversial Modern Art Gonzo Journalism Series

"Crackhead Jesus: The Movie" is a controversial, award-winning film inspired by actual events, screened alongside "A Clockwork Orange" & Pink Floyd's "The Wall" at The Movies Of Lake Worth, Florida.

On October 30, 2010, The Palm Beach Post Weekend Movie Listing Page reported Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange and Pink Floyd’s The Wall screening alongside nine question marks as part of the Modern Art Music Movement Midnight Cult Movie Series at the Movies Of Lake Worth. And the low-budget, independent-film titled, Crackhead Jesus: The Movie, was listed as, “?????????”.

Sharon Gless (“Burn Notice”) and Academy Award nominee Bill Plympton were among five judges at the Delray Beach Film Festival; now known as the Downtown Boca Film Festival that screens films and documentaries from all over the world, which is the group that
 awarded best film honors to Hugo's contentious movie that went on to win “Best Screenplay” at the 2014 La Romana International Film Festival in the Dominican Republic.

"Jazz: The Pink Elephant" (10×10) Oil and acrylic on canvas created by Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr. on 3-6-2011 as a fine-art storyboard for the feature-length version of the award-winning film, " Crackhead Jesus: The Movie ".

'Crackhead Jesus: The Movie' was created in three days as part of the “2009 DBFF 72-Hour Film Competition” using storyboards painted on canvas by Hispanic artist Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr. The story of a serial-killer-spinal-surgeon, false prophets, lawyers and homegrown terrorists using political correctness as a weapon to infiltrate the U.S. Justice system to destroy Democracy, was inspired by Florida Case # 50-2006-CC-016579, dubbed “The Crackhead Jesus Trials” by mainstream media outlets. The lawsuit exposed the world to a dangerous lack of oversight in the Florida Justice system creating a global butterfly effect documented by the maverick New York born filmmaker and multimedia-artist in a diary of the world on canvas he calls, “Modern-Art-Gonzo-Journalism”.

Link to DBFF 72-Hour Film Competition Award Ceremony:

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Contemporary Artist Louis Carreon Takes Over Delray Beach at Le Garage

Contemporary international artist Louis Carreon is giving back once again. Together with The Drip Factory Pop-Up Studio at Le Garage he’s taking over Delray Beach on Saturday, February 20th at 5pm; bringing awareness to 10 charities through his art in TEN4TEN. Carreon will paint 10 pieces, with proceeds of the finished canvases going to each of the charities, which include Autism Speaks, Center for Creative Education, Delray Marketing Cooperative, Make-A-Wish Southern Florida, Old School Square and The Toby Center – all of which were chosen by the artist himself.

Southern California native Louis Carreon grew up during the ‘90s, a time when the hip hop culture had a great influence through the streets of Los Angeles. After numerous trials and tribulations, Louis made it out of the streets, conquered addiction, and surrendered to art during his time in prison. Comparable to most artists, Carreon managed to share his message and feelings through creating art. Louis expresses his art in ways that include installations, conceptualism and outdoor works. A recent installation at Expo Chicago included a collaboration with the 2015 Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks and Autism Speaks to commemorate Louis’ hand painted NHL trophy replica/art piece for the non-profit organization.

During Art Basel Miami Beach 2015, Carreon was commissioned by Landmark Aviation to customize a Hawker jet creating awareness for Autism Speaks. Louis has been commissioned by renowned venues throughout the United States, including Soho House and the Viper Room, the latter where he creatively paid tribute to one of his icons, River Phoenix, who famously died outside the Sunset Strip nightclub from an overdose. “I prefer working in smaller communities, and the energy brought me here,” says Carreon of choosing Delray Beach. Through passion, honesty and a willingness to share his work, Louis is excited to give back to the South Florida charities and continue to reinforce the power of art by creating pieces with meaning.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Art Boca Raton 2016 Poster Competition Submission Requirements

Art Boca Raton 2016
Poster Competition Submission Requirements

Submission Deadline:  12 p.m. March 4, 2016

Art Boca Raton invites all students from the Boca Raton Museum The Art School, and the art students of A.D. Henderson Elementary and Middle School at FAU, to participate in its poster competition.

One winner will be selected.

All students who participate will be given complimentary entry to the fair March 18-21, 2016.

·         Your Art Boca Raton 2016 submission must be an original, unpublished work
·         The poster must promote the art fair, Art Boca Raton and therefore the name of the fair, followed by the year – Art Boca Raton 2016 – should be clearly visible.
·         Each artist may submit only one image
·         Specs – image must be 8 ½ inches wide x 11 inches’ high
·         Submission format - 300 dpi pdf or jpg
·         Entries must be accompanied by a fully completed form – see below.

The Art Boca Raton curating panel will evaluate the artwork, select 20 finalists to participate in an online competition entitled, “My Favorite Poster.”

Online voting will take place from March 4, 2016, at 5 p.m. until March 10 at 12 p.m.

The winner will be announced online at March 11, 2016, at 10 a.m.

By submitting your work, you agree that:

·         Your work may be used to promote Art Boca Raton online and/or in print and in press releases
·         Your work will be displayed at the Boca Raton Museum of Art
·         The winning entry will be printed and inserted into the Boca Raton Forum and West Boca Forum newspapers – 50,000 copies

Any questions?  Please call us at (305)490.4584 or email

Monday, February 8, 2016

Where Memories Reside: Photographs by A. Lilia Smith at Art Media Gallery in Wynwood

You are cordially invited to the Opening Reception of 'Where Memories Reside' - Photographs by A. Lilia Smith at Art Media Gallery --> Thursday, February 18 from 6:30-10pm located in The Wynwood Building - 2750 NW 3rd Ave., Suite #12 Miami, FL 33127. Exhibition runs through April 29, 2016 - for more info. call: (305)318-8306

Exclusive After Dark evening events at Boca Raton Museum of Art during Art Boca Raton March 18-21, 2016

HIGHLIGHTS at ART BOCA RATON March 18-21, 2016

After Dark evening events will be held at the Boca Raton Museum of Art following the close of the fair each day.  For additional information visit
Boca Talks at the Boca Raton Museum of Art on Sunday, March 20th from3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Bob Colacello: In and Out with Andy.   Vanity Fair special correspondent Bob Colacello spent a decade by Andy Warhol’s side as employee, collaborator, wingman, and confidante. As the editor of Interview from 1971 – 1983, Colacello photographed the glamorous world of Warhol’s circle of associates, the Factory office, star-studded parties and openings around the world, and captured images of Warhol in quiet moments at his most honest and vulnerable. Colacello discusses his new exhibition and recalls life with Warhol and the brilliant, controlling, private, insecure, and immeasurably influential man who continues to fascinate us.  $5 for Museum Members and $15 for Non-Members. Students with ID: $5.
A superb lecture series, a highlight of all the fairs organized by Lee Ann and David Lester. Among the offerings will be a lecture coinciding with the exhibitions on view at the Boca Raton Museum of Art focusing on Andy Warhol. On view at the Museum (located in Mizner Park) until May 1, 2016 is Warhol on Vinyl: The Record Covers, 1949-1987+Warhol Prints from the Collection of Marc Bell, andBob Colacello: In and Out with Andy.  For information about the exhibitions visit

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Art Boca Raton sponsored daily After Dark events at Boca Raton Museum of Art

Highlight at Art Boca Raton Contemporary Art Fair March 18-21, 2016 --> 'Andy Warhol, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom' [from Reigning Queens], 1985. © 2015 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. Courtesy the collection of Marc Bell. Exclusively through Art Boca Raton sponsored daily “After Dark” evening events at Boca Raton Museum of Art for collectors to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of collecting contemporary art. The fair will sponsor a full collector lecture series on current trends in collecting including a special presentation on the museum’s exhibition “Andy Warhol Vinyl’s and Warhol Prints from the Mark Bell Collection”. 

Learn more at

Realistic Painter Nancy Depew's Solo Exhibition 'The Beautiful World' at Sirona Fine Art Opens February 6, 2016

Award winning artist Nancy Depew is known for her three-dimensional believable masterpieces of lush forest scenes, female nudes and flowers. Painting the subtleties of light and color; capturing nature in its most intuitive form in her solo exhibition ‘The Beautiful World’ at Sirona Fine Art.

The exhibition is entitled ‘The Beautiful World’, because that is precisely what she paints, a Nancy Depew planet of heightened, polished and glowing natural perfection. Opening Reception on Saturday, February 6th, 2016 from 6-9pm, experience the traditional realism and contemporary style of this master painter whose coveted works capture nature and human form with exquisite precision.

Nancy Depew’s work is a premier example of those who paint realism can achieve; not work that seems heavy or leaden with the months it takes to make one image, nor work that elicits a sense of awe of the painter’s masterful skills. When you look close at the tiny petals of just one flower in just one small section of her work, you see light, shadow and reflected colors of that object in even a fraction of an inch of surface.

This meticulous and flawless approach to making an image reminds of just how beautiful the real world can be, a world that all of us can glimpse by quiet observation and that Depew captures, holds and fills with an inner illumination and transcendent color.

“Often viewers comment that her work looks so real, but they are missing the point of what Nancy Depew creates…this is not The Real World, this is The Beautiful World”, explained Timothy Smith, Gallery Director of Sirona Fine Art. A native of New Jersey, Nancy should prove a shining example of ‘The Garden State’. Flowers that she has grown, cared for and imbued with a distinct living presence often inspire the floral works. With over 80 exhibitions around the country, we are honored to host Depew’s first exhibition in our Florida gallery.”

The Beautiful World runs from February 6, 2016 through April 6, 2016 at Sirona Fine Art – a grand showcase for artists who embrace classic academic structure and technique, yet have an understanding and facility within the modernist landscape in which their work is viewed. Located in The Village at Gulfstream Park at 600 Silks Run #1240 in Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009. RSVP for the Opening Reception:

WallBrawl presents 'Brawl in the Park' at Artrageous Gallery in Merrick Park

WallBrawl presents 'Brawl in the Park' Friday, February 5th from 7-10pm at Artrageous Gallery in Merrick Park --> WallBrawl is the ultimate street art competition, a local art event that pops up monthly at creative venues in Miami. The event is an exciting paint battle in the flesh, Artist vs Artist + Skill vs Skill + Technique vs Creativity plus Timed Performance with Audience Participation = Wall Brawl

Enjoy an art exhibit featuring the work of WallBrawl artists who have competed in a brawl during the last four years, the WallBrawl Collection on display at Artrageous Gallery in Coral Gables, Florida - approx. twenty-five artists will have their work on view for the entire month of February, guaranteed to be a show like no other! Artists such as: Alvin Arts, ChyTea, Aquarela, TeePop, Claudia LeBianca, Bruno Vago, Nate Dee, Ivan Roque, Registered Artist, Surge, Rigo Leon, Monique, KedsRock and Mr.Wilson to name a few will be part of The WallBrawl Collection on display at Artrageous Gallery. The nearly twenty-five artists will have their work on view for the entire month of February. It is guaranteed to be a show like no other! 

"WallBrawl fosters an environment where local, national, and international artists interact in a competitively creative format, producing a truly authentic experience for both participant and the art aficionado. This exhibit showcases the incredibly talented local artists that have been part of WallBrawl", explained Derek Wilson, WallBrawl Co-Founder.

Pushkin Gallery to present masterpieces by the great Russian modernist Boris Chetkov at Art Boca Raton 2016


Pushkin Gallery is proud to present an extraordinary exhibition of masterpieces by the great Russian modernist, Boris Chetkov (1926-2010), including works never before published or exhibited at Art Boca Raton Contemporary Art Fair March 18-21, 2016.

Heralded as one of the most important recent Modern Art discoveries, Boris Chetkov defied the odds in Soviet Russia. Having survived the infamous Gulag Archipelago and the front lines in WWII, Chetkov emerged as mystic, a loner who painted directly from his stream of consciousness. His modern 'Experimentalist' style was at odds with a totalitarian regime that outlawed individuality in the arts. Apart from any group or trend, Chetkov came to his own artistic conclusions mirroring the efforts of the greatest contemporaries of his time; de Kooning, Dubuffet, Miro, Chagall, Kandinsky, Picasso, Frankenthaler, and others - maintaining his colorful, whimsical outlook to the end. Now considered a national treasure in Russia, Chetkov was honored in the last year of his life with the first one-man exhibit ever mounted at the presidential palace in Konstantinovsky.

Chetkov's work can be found in private collections around the world as well as in the Hermitage Museum and the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. His exhibition was the gala opening for the prestigious Russian Art Week in Mayfair, London 2013.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Art Palm Beach Announces Success of 2016 Fair

The 19th Annual Art Palm Beach took place January 20 – 24, 2016, at the Palm Beach County Convention Center and welcomed more than 28,000 visitors. 80 exhibitors from 21 countries – 50% participating for the first time – announced successful sales. In 2017, Art Palm Beach will take place January 18-22 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. 

“Our goal this year was to bring the fair to a new level of quality in the exhibitors, the art and the offerings around the fair,” says Lee Ann Lester, founder/organizer, Art Palm Beach. “The attendees, collectors, exhibitors, artists and the organizations and institutions we worked with complimented us over and over again – and sales supported this fact,” continues Lester. 

The fair opened with a VIP preview and Mayor Jeri Muoio of West Palm Beach was on hand to present David and Lee Ann Lester with a proclamation. The Mayor proclaimed January 20, 2016 as Art Palm Beach Day, “Whereas, Art Palm Beach is celebrating its 19th edition as the preeminent art fair n Palm Beach County…and continues to educate and enrich the lives of the community and visitors through its lecture series and official poster competition for art students.” 

More than 5,000 people attended opening night including such Palm Beach luminaries as Judie and Larry Schlager (established the Judith P. and S. Lawrence Schlager Family Fund at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute), philanthropists Paula and Peter Lunder, Jessica Mezzacappa (daughter of founder of Mezzacappa Management a New York-based hedge fund and investor in Miami’s Wynwood art district), Willa Doolin (daughter of Frito-Lay founder Charles Doolin), Mark Locks, style icon Helga Piaget, founder of the Passion Sea Continued ART PALM BEACH WRAP UP/2 environmental project (of the Swiss watchmaker and jeweler Piaget clan), Wyatt Koch, and interior designer extraordinaire Kenneth Crawford. Other blue chip guests included Hans Mautner, Chairman of Simon Ivanhoe Group, Dr. Carol Damian, Richard Gray (Richard Gray Gallery – Chicago), Susan Lloyd (widow of founder of the Marlborough Gallery), and Leonard Lauren, Vice President of Ralph Lauren.