Thursday, February 18, 2016

Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo Jr.'s Award-Winning 'Crackhead Jesus: The Movie' based on his Controversial Modern Art Gonzo Journalism Series

"Crackhead Jesus: The Movie" is a controversial, award-winning film inspired by actual events, screened alongside "A Clockwork Orange" & Pink Floyd's "The Wall" at The Movies Of Lake Worth, Florida.

On October 30, 2010, The Palm Beach Post Weekend Movie Listing Page reported Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange and Pink Floyd’s The Wall screening alongside nine question marks as part of the Modern Art Music Movement Midnight Cult Movie Series at the Movies Of Lake Worth. And the low-budget, independent-film titled, Crackhead Jesus: The Movie, was listed as, “?????????”.

Sharon Gless (“Burn Notice”) and Academy Award nominee Bill Plympton were among five judges at the Delray Beach Film Festival; now known as the Downtown Boca Film Festival that screens films and documentaries from all over the world, which is the group that
 awarded best film honors to Hugo's contentious movie that went on to win “Best Screenplay” at the 2014 La Romana International Film Festival in the Dominican Republic.

"Jazz: The Pink Elephant" (10×10) Oil and acrylic on canvas created by Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr. on 3-6-2011 as a fine-art storyboard for the feature-length version of the award-winning film, " Crackhead Jesus: The Movie ".

'Crackhead Jesus: The Movie' was created in three days as part of the “2009 DBFF 72-Hour Film Competition” using storyboards painted on canvas by Hispanic artist Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr. The story of a serial-killer-spinal-surgeon, false prophets, lawyers and homegrown terrorists using political correctness as a weapon to infiltrate the U.S. Justice system to destroy Democracy, was inspired by Florida Case # 50-2006-CC-016579, dubbed “The Crackhead Jesus Trials” by mainstream media outlets. The lawsuit exposed the world to a dangerous lack of oversight in the Florida Justice system creating a global butterfly effect documented by the maverick New York born filmmaker and multimedia-artist in a diary of the world on canvas he calls, “Modern-Art-Gonzo-Journalism”.

Link to DBFF 72-Hour Film Competition Award Ceremony:

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