About Us

Miami Art Scene™ provides visual arts marketing, advertising and publicity to artists, art businesses and organizations.

Hailed as Miami’s No.1 Art Magazine, Miami Art Scene™ is an influential visual arts portal covering local, national and international art news and information. An influential, results-driven platform deeply immersed within the global art community. Our audience spans the creative landscape including collectors, dealers, artists, galleries, museum directors, curators, designers, art aficionados and connoisseurs and art-goers.

Our mission is to promote, develop and support artists, art venues, creative entities, and the arts. As your official Artcaster, we promote the art of tomorrow, today. Reporting on the local art scene and the worldwide community of art, artists, creative organizations, personalities, trends and events in a concise, well-crafted style.

Katerina Wagner is the Founder & Editor of Miami Art Scene™

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