Thursday, August 31, 2017

Fabian Castanier Gallery in Miami Opening Reception for "Ciudad Mágica" on September 7, 2017 from 6-9pm with Hoxxoh, Andrew Antonaccio, and Michael Vasquez

with Hoxxoh, Andrew Antonaccio, and Michael Vasquez
September 7 - October 7, 2017

Opening Reception with the Artists

Fabien Castanier Gallery is excited to announce their next group exhibition in Miami, Ciudad Mágica, with new work from artists Hoxxoh, Andrew Antonaccio, and Michael Vasquez. While each artist conveys vastly different styles, they are all based in Miami, creating works inspired by the city's rich cultural history and dynamic aesthetic. Miami is often referred to as the Ciudad Mágica (the magic city), a nickname born out of the city's rapid growth. With its burgeoning transformation every year, the Miami art scene continues to evolve and this exhibition presents a focus on three particularly prolific image makers.

Andrew Antonaccio | "Motion Frictrion" detail (2017) mechanical pvc plastic and acrylic, 32 x 32 in. (81x81cm)
TOP: Hoxxoh | "Transfer" (2017) mixed media on canvas, 31 in. diameter (80cm)
Douglas Hoekzema (aka Hoxxoh) began as a graffiti and street artist in Miami. Originally part of the MSG graffiti crew, Hoxxoh developed his own style that has evolved into an artistic practice that now adorns commissioned walls all over the city. He has mastered multidimensional abstract pieces that combine geometric and linear forms with an organic aesthetic. His new work for this show highlights his technique and mode of creation, investigating an intuitive manipulation of paint on canvas. The compositions are made with a variety of techniques, including a paint pendulum and a method involving the pouring of paint from one flat surface to another. The patterns he creates are moments of controlled chaos, the representation of the mechanisms of time and gravity through pigment. Much of his work is determined by chance and the passing of time, manifested in logarithmic spirals and hypnotizing striations of color.

Andrew Antonaccio has become a strong force for urban art in Miami, most known for his black and white linear portraits and colored geometric abstractions created as part of artist duo, 2Alas. Now, Antonaccio presents his personal studio work that focuses on the juxtaposition of traditional aesthetics and the digital medium. He combines archived images with new era or modern photography, creating abstract compositions. Some of his work even factors in an interactive element, in which capturing his pieces digitally will present an alternate appearance on the viewer's camera. He utilizes this unique characteristic as a commentary on the overwhelming digital experience of our current generation.

Michael Vasquez's work explores a world of misguided youth, subjects who are in search of acceptance and belonging amidst undeserved communities, broken homes, street gangs, and cliques. With his portraits, Vasquez presents groups of "extended families", governed by their own sets of values and social codes. His work is deeply embedded with signs, symbols, and the performative bravado of his subjects, an examination of the reoccurring themes of masculinity, identity, and community. Vasquez's work has been exhibited in numerous institutions, including the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery (D.C.), the MDC Museum of Art + Design (FL), the MOCA North Miami (FL), and the Orlando Museum of Art (FL).
Michael Vasquez | "275 North - OZ and Red" (2016) acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 96 x 72 in. (234x183cm)

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Irreversible Projects Presents a Special Exhibition 'Satis House' at Artium Miami Gallery in Celebration of the Gallery's New Location / *Call To Artists

Irreversible Projects presents a very special exhibition in celebrating the new location of Artium Miami Gallery. An established gallery with 15 years in the art market, Artium Gallery is considered one of the most prestigious galleries in Chile. In 2015 the gallery opened their sister location in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami, Florida. They relocated the gallery this past summer to a new location in Wynwood at: 2085 NW 2nd Avenue in Miami, Florida 33127. You are cordially invited to celebrate this occasion with us and enjoy the Opening Reception of 'Satis House' on Saturday, September 9th, 6pm at Artium Gallery's new location - this is a very special exhibition curated by Noor Blazekovic of Irreversible Projects.


Exhibiton Titled: Satis House

Satis House is a fictional estate in the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations.

“Its other name was Satis; which is Greek,
or Latin, or Hebrew, or all three - or all one to me - for enough.’
‘Enough House,’ said I; ‘that’s a curious name, miss.’
‘Yes,’ she replied; ‘but it meant more than it said.
It meant, when it was given, that whoever had this house, could want nothing else.” ― Charles Dickens, Great Expectations.

Soft Opening - September 9th, 2017 at 6pm
VIP Opening – September 16th at 6pm
Curator Noor Blazekovic

Please email your Submission to 

Quantity: 3 pieces
Sizes: from 10x10 inches to 16 x16 inches maximum
Curatorial Salon Style

Installation September 1st, 2017 –
Breakdown October 2017

Entry Guidelines: Open to all professional artists; emerging, established, national and international artists over 18 years age.

Eligible Media: Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Photography, Mixed media, Digital art, Installation art, Earth art, Video art, Textiles, site Specific installation, Upcycled Art, will be considered.

Please be brief, send a .pdf​ ​include most recent works and prices for consideration.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Are You a Professional Visual Artist Seeking Exhibition Opportunities During Miami Art Week 2017?

Call To Artists: Are you a professional visual artist interested in exhibiting your work during Art Week in Miami? MAS has access to a variety of exhibition opportunities available for artist projects during Art Basel Miami Beach taking place December 5-10, 2017. Call is open to all styles, mediums & genres from all local, national and international visual artists.

Serious inquiries only, email:, Attn: Kat Wagner; include 3-5 images of your recent work along w/a link to your professional website & your contact information.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

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