Monday, December 30, 2013

Wynwood Canvas hits the scene

The first edition of Wynwood Canvas is ready to hit the scene, a monthly newsmagazine that will be mailed to 15,ooo homes surrounding the Wynwood Arts District in zip codes 33127 and 33137. The publication will feature the arts, entertainment and events in Wynwood. On the cover is our friend and gallerist Danelle Pino at Wyn317 Gallery located at 167 NW 25th Street in Miami, Florida 33127.

Wyn317 is a unique urban gallery spotlighting local street artists with artwork ranging from Miami's graffiti culture to a wide array of vibrant pop art influences. Read all about it with the gallerist Danelle Pino's interview, available in print and online at Wynwood Canvas. Stay tuned for our Miami Art Scene feature in the next issue, where we will be highlighting Miami artists and our city's amazing talent. For more information please email Kat Wagner at

Sunday, December 29, 2013

AlviPOP by international artist Alvaro Emiliani

Colombian-based artist Alvaro Emiliani is the founder and creator of AlviPOP. He explores Colombian culture with a distinctive modern twist through his sculptural artworks of traditional Colombian figures known as 'Palenqueras'. AlviPOP is a successful line of original art made from a variety of colorful, raw materials - clay, plaster, acrylic, gel shots, semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals are used in the creation of these modern sculptural works.

Emiliani is a graduate from the Arturo Tejada Cano - School of Fashion, Design and Marketing in Bogota, Columbia. He reinvented a form of Cartegena's historical icons, the emblematic Palenqueras, which have the privilege of a celebrity following. Jean Paul Gaultier and Tommy Hilfiger are examples of AlviPOP's collectors.

Miami Art Scene represents AlviPOP and the artist. His work is sold all over the world to collectors, art lovers and fans. Emiliani's sculptural artworks are displayed in high-end stores, boutiques and museum gift shops. He is a highly sought after artist creating unique sculptures that are charming and chic. For sales or inquiries please contact Kat Wagner via email:

Monday, December 16, 2013

New York-based fine art photographer Brian Garman entering Miami market

Miami Art Scene is proud to announce the representation of fine art photographer Brian Garman. He has been likened to famed landscape photographer Peter Lik, yet Garman's work is known for it's distinct photographic perspective and style.

Garman's scene dictates the image, "I just capture it as best I can and in my own style. My goal is to have my photographs take on characteristics of paintings, and to convey a sense of emotion that viewers are drawn into. It’s difficult to put into words, but my goal is to make images with a realism that conveys an almost surreal emotion. A scene that one might feel they could walk into, but at the same time one almost doesn’t believe is real. A simple complexity as I like to call it. An image that when viewed overall is aesthetically pleasing on its own merit, but upon close inspection reveals layer upon layer of complexity. I look for locations that offer the right mix of light and color, motion and textures, size and shape. I’m very obsessive about what I photograph and as such I don’t create many images. I encounter a lot of locations that are amazing but to me lack that 'something special'.”

His photographs capture nature's most exquisite, magical images and landscapes. Garman creates fine quality, limited edition artwork using an exclusive museum quality direct-to-aluminum printing process. His art pieces are created with the highest resolution, they are signed and numbered with a lifetime warranty. His stunning, high definition metal prints are available in three panoramic dimensions: 16" x 48", 24" x 72", and 32" x 96". The works are scratch and water resistant - custom framing is available. Miami Art Scene is representing Brian Garman, we are brokering his works to galleries, corporate clients and art collectors. For sales inquiries and information please contact Kat Wagner via email:

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Miami-based artist Lloyd Goradesky's 'Gator In The Bay' Art Basel Installation at the Miami Yacht Club

We had a wonderful Art Week and wanted to share the iconic photograph of the Gator in the Bay completely assembled and floating on Biscayne Bay - what a stellar shot! Art Basel Miami Beach 2o13 was a huge success, the project has become a worldwide sensation. The Gator in the Bay was the #1 Recommended, Must-See Art Exhibit during this year's Art Basel. The media coverage was phenomenal and the headlines stated - 'Massive Gator Invades Art Basel Miami' - it was great, truly a sight to see.

The event took place at the Miami Yacht Club on Watson Island, we were honored to have the new Mayor of Miami Beach, Philip Levine with us for a spectacular Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and celebration on Friday evening Dec.6, 2o13.

Art Week was very busy as we began on Wednesday, Dec.4, 2o13 with a spectacular showcasing of the 4ft. x 8ft. Floating Tile Art pieces on large, custom built easels that were lined up on the shore of the Miami Yacht Club for display. The Floating Tile Art pieces are comprised of stunning Photo Mosaic Collages, each tile is made up of over 3,ooo thumbnail images of the Florida Everglades.

The artist and creator of Gator In The Bay, Lloyd Goradesky, was a wildlife photographer for over two decades capturing precious images the Everglades. His extensive collection became the genesis of this massive public art project, which was created to generate awareness of the Florida Everglades.

On Thursday, Dec.5 the Gator In The Bay crew assembled the 1o4 Floating Tile Art pieces with cables and riggings to the head of the Gator, which was built onto a self-propelled barge. We had the help of Florida Marlins pitcher Dan Jennings No.43 and Billy The Marlin, who each assembled the last two Floating Tile Art pieces, which comprised the tail of the Gator, it was an amazing moment.

Gator In The Bay is sponsored by V&M Erectors and Fronte Cranes, both Vern Nix (far left) and Warren Fronte (far right) are pictured here with the artist Lloyd Goradesky (center) and Florida Marlins Pitcher Dan Jennings and Billy The Marlin.

This project is a worldwide sensation, the media attention, press and coverage has been enormous - Gator In The Bay is truly a collector's dream. We had a very successful Art Week, if you are interested in purchasing any of the remaining Floating Tile Art pieces please contact Kat Wagner of Miami Art Scene who represents the artist and Gator In The Bay via email: - The Floating Tile Art comes with a complete art package, which includes: (1) The Floating Art Tile of your choice and the riggings used to connect to the barge. (2) A licensed aerial photograph. (3) Diagram of the project with a highlight of your specific Floating Tile Art. (4) Signed explanation of the project by the artist. (5) Certificate of Authenticity that your tile is a unique art piece from the Gator In The Bay.

The highlight of the weekend was on Saturday, Dec.7 when the entire crew from Gator In The Bay traveled on the barge and we took the massive Gator, which was beautifully lit up and glowing in the night to the new Perez Museum of Miami (PAMM). We were able to enjoy the evening's opening celebration of the new museum during Art Basel on Biscayne Bay from inside the mouth of the Gator. The special gala event was attended by VIP's Marc Anthony, Martha Stewart and Elle MacPherson. It was said that Gator In The Bay crashed the biggest, most anticipated party of Art Basel Miami Beach.