Sunday, December 29, 2013

AlviPOP by international artist Alvaro Emiliani

Colombian-based artist Alvaro Emiliani is the founder and creator of AlviPOP. He explores Colombian culture with a distinctive modern twist through his sculptural artworks of traditional Colombian figures known as 'Palenqueras'. AlviPOP is a successful line of original art made from a variety of colorful, raw materials - clay, plaster, acrylic, gel shots, semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals are used in the creation of these modern sculptural works.

Emiliani is a graduate from the Arturo Tejada Cano - School of Fashion, Design and Marketing in Bogota, Columbia. He reinvented a form of Cartegena's historical icons, the emblematic Palenqueras, which have the privilege of a celebrity following. Jean Paul Gaultier and Tommy Hilfiger are examples of AlviPOP's collectors.

Miami Art Scene represents AlviPOP and the artist. His work is sold all over the world to collectors, art lovers and fans. Emiliani's sculptural artworks are displayed in high-end stores, boutiques and museum gift shops. He is a highly sought after artist creating unique sculptures that are charming and chic. For sales or inquiries please contact Kat Wagner via email:

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