Monday, December 16, 2013

New York-based fine art photographer Brian Garman entering Miami market

Miami Art Scene is proud to announce the representation of fine art photographer Brian Garman. He has been likened to famed landscape photographer Peter Lik, yet Garman's work is known for it's distinct photographic perspective and style.

Garman's scene dictates the image, "I just capture it as best I can and in my own style. My goal is to have my photographs take on characteristics of paintings, and to convey a sense of emotion that viewers are drawn into. It’s difficult to put into words, but my goal is to make images with a realism that conveys an almost surreal emotion. A scene that one might feel they could walk into, but at the same time one almost doesn’t believe is real. A simple complexity as I like to call it. An image that when viewed overall is aesthetically pleasing on its own merit, but upon close inspection reveals layer upon layer of complexity. I look for locations that offer the right mix of light and color, motion and textures, size and shape. I’m very obsessive about what I photograph and as such I don’t create many images. I encounter a lot of locations that are amazing but to me lack that 'something special'.”

His photographs capture nature's most exquisite, magical images and landscapes. Garman creates fine quality, limited edition artwork using an exclusive museum quality direct-to-aluminum printing process. His art pieces are created with the highest resolution, they are signed and numbered with a lifetime warranty. His stunning, high definition metal prints are available in three panoramic dimensions: 16" x 48", 24" x 72", and 32" x 96". The works are scratch and water resistant - custom framing is available. Miami Art Scene is representing Brian Garman, we are brokering his works to galleries, corporate clients and art collectors. For sales inquiries and information please contact Kat Wagner via email:

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