Monday, February 29, 2016

The Ladner Collection of Cuban and Latin American Art will be offered at Art Boca Raton March 17-21, 2016

The Ladner Collection of Cuban and Latin American Art will be offered at the Art Boca Raton Art Fair March 17-21, with an appraised value of over $1.1 Million Dollars it is among the most important privately owned collections. Dr. William Ladner of Boca Raton began his collection over 30 years ago by focusing on a select group of young Cuban artists that immigrated to America and began the Cuban Art scene in Miami.

The Ladner Collection: Victor Salmones, La Danza

The changes in our political and economical relationship with Cuba today cause a large portion of this collection to take on a very special meaning and impact. The artworks in this collection are original statements of this historic era. Many of these Cuban American artists are now included in museum collections throughout America including the Smithsonian and the Metropolitan Museum.

The Ladner Collection: Arturo Rodriguez, Misterioso

The artists include Arturo Rodriguez, Cuba whose works are in the Smithsonian Museum, NSU Museum and The Metropolitan Museum, New York. Enrique Castro-Cid. Chile. The Guggenheim Museum, The Smithsonian Museum, The Brooklyn Museum and MOMA, NY, Demi Rodriguez, Cuba The Smithsonian Museum. Ramon Carulla, Cuba and Pablo Cano, Cuba.

The Ladner Collection: Norma Bessouet, Appoximation

To further diversify Dr. Ladner balanced his collection of other Latin American artists including Antonio Segui, Argentina, Norma Bessouet, Argentina, Ernesto Barredo, Chile, Luis Benedit, Argentina who added their style, size, imagery and content. Select paintings of the most recognized and important artists in the Ladner Collection of over 115 works of art will be exhibited at Art Boca Raton at Booth 108.

The Ladner Collection: Enrique Castro-Cid, Brickell Monday

The Ladner Collection of Cuban and Latin American Art is being offered intact by Lenore Stern-Morris and Gary Hendershott at Booth 108 who will be exhibiting select paintings from this wonderful collection during Art Boca Raton March 18 – March 21 at the International Pavilion of the Palm Beaches, on the campus of Florida Atlantic University; please visit for directions and times.

The Ladner Collection: Antonio Segui 1987

Hendershott goes on to state "This is a unique opportunity for a collector or a museum to expedite the building of their own collections by acquiring this life-time collection of over 115 paintings, offered intact preserved for future generations rather than disbursed and forever separated. Many collectors and museums realize this life-time factor to not only preserve the historical value of this collection, yet also to advance their own collections."

The Ladner Collection: Demi Rodriguez, Kites

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