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National Call for Artists: The Elisabeth Jones Art Center

For the Seventh Generation, an exhibition at the Elisabeth Jones Art Center
The Elisabeth Jones Art Center
516 NW 14th Ave
Portland, OR 97209

Contact Email:
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: National
State: Oregon
Entry Deadline: 5/12/20
Entry Fee (Elisabeth Jones Art Center): $20.00 APPLY here.
Call for Entry: For the Seventh Generation– A Community of Coastal Watchers Exhibition at Elisabeth Jones Art Center
Exhibition Location:           
Elisabeth Jones Art Center
516 NW 14th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97209
UPDATE April 5: Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all exhibition dates have shifted. The dates listed in this Call are updated based on current information, but may be subject to change. If you have any questions, please email Stay safe and healthy!

Project Summary:
 Perhaps each of us has a favorite spot along the coast. Looking out over it, we may find ourselves asking, will it survive?  For this reason, hundreds of artists are joining to create For the Seventh Generation: a free-standing, two-foot by mile-long painting dedicated to ocean protection. When the mural is complete, every mile of the California, Oregon, and Washington coastline will be represented by an artist who has created a four-foot section of the total mural – conceptually a continuous landscape, a panorama of the western coastline.
​​​The ocean is continually under threat. Pollution, coastal development, and overfishing all tax the health of its finite system. Without our strong environmental conscience and a voice to express it, threats to the ocean will be left unchallenged and its health subject to the whim and manipulations of politics and industry. This project, extending through the twenty-first century, provides such a voice.
The project is also a fundraiser. We donate 30% of the proceeds from every panel sold to a nonprofit ocean protection organization of the artist’s choice.
The project is presented in two forms: We hold a curated gallery show at the Elisabeth Jones Art Center annually, with our next installation in July 2020.
We also display the entirety of the completed panels at an outdoor event where they are hung end-to-end in geographic order, giving viewers an opportunity to conceptually walk the west coast (2020 date TBD).
Who We Are: Located in Portland’s Pearl District, the Elisabeth Jones Art Center is a gallery and exhibition space dedicated to presenting artwork with a message. Our exhibitions focus on a particular issue, ecological and/or humanitarian, and a percentage of every sale is donated to a nonprofit organization working within the exhibition’s theme.  

Artwork Specifications for Seventh Generation panels: We are currently accepting submissions for the gallery exhibition of the For the Seventh Generation project occurring in August 2020.

Subject: Artwork must depict a specific location on the West Coast of the United States. The image must be coastal but does not need to be a beach scene. Other examples may include seaside cliffs, wildlife, dunes, boardwalks, waves, figures, etc. Creativity and originality are encouraged. 

IMPORTANT: Before beginning work on the panel you would like to submit, please email your first and second choice locations to The project is already in progress and not all locations are available. If this step is skipped, we may not be able to accept your submission.
2.  Style: All artistic representations are accepted! Realism is not a requirement and abstract interpretations are welcome. 
3. Display: Work to be shown in the gallery must be framed, wired and without glass. The frame must be one that comes off easily. When shown together in the outdoor exhibition, the panels are aligned end-to-end without frames.
4. Medium: Work needs to be done on 1/2” wood panel. These panels can be purchased at lumber stores. The panel will potentially be displayed both indoors and outdoors. We do our very best to protect the artwork from the elements during the outdoor exhibition, but some circumstances are beyond our control. Oil and/or acrylic paint are preferred. Please do not paint on paper or with watercolors or graphite. We cannot accept panels with protruding sculptural elements in order to protect other panels during storage.
5.  Size and format: each panel should be horizontal in orientation, measure 48” across by 24” high. 
 (OPTIONAL) Satellite Show submission specifications: 5 finalists will have the opportunity to display between 3 and 5 original artworks unrelated to the project for the duration of the exhibition. These works will be available for purchase by the public.
1. No restrictions regarding medium. Submissions can include sculpture, print, watercolor, painting, etc.
2.  Two-dimensional works should be framed or at least prepared for display.
3.  Must submit between 5 and 15 additional images for consideration by the Executive Director.

$250 Award - 3 Available: Given to the top selections by Elisabeth Jones Art Center committee
Satellite shows - up to 5 available: To be eligible for a satellite show, artists must submit at least 5 and up to 15 additional images of work for consideration of the Executive Director.
Inclusion of Seventh Generation panel in June Gallery Exhibition – 50 Finalists Selected
Submission Requirements: Must include at least one image of the panel but may include additional images or detail shots.   
Photographs must be of good quality (at least 1300 pixels on the longest end) and not blurry or heavily edited.
To be considered for a satellite show, please include an additional 5-15 photographs of other work.
Sales Information: All Seventh Generation panels are made available for sale and prices are determined by the artist (and overseen by the Executive Director). 30% of the sales price goes to the artist, 30% to Elisabeth Jones Art Center, and 30% will be donated to an ocean protection nonprofit of the artist’s choice.    
For sales of Satellite show artwork (non Seventh Generation panels): 50% of the sales price goes to the artist, 40% to the Elisabeth Jones Art Center, and 10% will be donated to an ocean protection nonprofit of the artist’s choice.
Delivery: We are available to accept in-person deliveries of accepted artwork from Wednesday through Sunday starting July 10th, 12pm – 6pm at Elisabeth Jones Art Center at 516 NW 14th Ave in Portland, Oregon.
 Shipped artwork must be received no sooner than July 5th and no later than July 23rd.
Submission deadline: June 12
Selections made and artists notified: June 24
Accepted artwork must be delivered in person or by mail: July 5-21

Opening Reception: August 6
Last day of exhibition: TBD (date in flux due to closures caused by Coronavirus)

Send any questions to

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