Sunday, March 29, 2020

The Magnificent Sculptures Of Ágnes Nagy Combine Reality, Imagination, Nature & Mysticism

Hungarian Sculptor Ágnes Nagy has been developing her career as a sculptor since childhood. Her large statues of animals embody specific spiritual, ideological and moral meaning. At a very young age Ágnes Nagy attended the Medgyessy Ferenc sculpting workshop led by the sculptor Gábor Szabó in Pestújhely, one of the northern suburbs of Budapest. And later graduated from the Secondary School of Fine and Applied Arts of Budapest, known as “Kisképző” in 1994. Her large statues of animals in glazed fireclay, brass, bronze, and steel mixed media embody specific spiritual, ideological and moral meaning.

‘ELEPHANT’, Glazed fireclay, 100 x 60 x 60 cm, 2010 In the Private Collection of the European scupture garden in Balatonalmádi, Hungary Exhibited at Gallery Virág Judit in 2011, the City Zoo Budapest, Hungary in 2011, and the Natural Science Museum Budapest, Hungary in 2012

“The framework of my life is made through my sculpting, and it is able to hold me on the ground as much as it is able to take me away from reality both in years with difficulties and trials and the happy and successful periods of time,” said Nagy of her work. As far as her subject matter is concerned, “I didn’t choose animals, they were the ones who found me and refuse to let me go for now,” explained the artist.

‘RHINO’, Glazed fireclay, 80 x 40 x 45 cm, 2007Private Collection. Exhibited at Virág Judit Gallery 2011, Budapest City Zoo 2011, the Natural Science Museum 2012, Villa Vaszary Balatonfüred 2018, Falk Art Forum 2018

Ágnes Nagy’s work was recently exhibited at Art Palm Beach from January 31 – February 03, 2020 with Erdész Gallery & Design. “The expressiveness of Nagy’s artistic credo is embodied in bronze, glazed fireclay, stainless steel, and realistic animal portrayals. Every sculpture by Ágnes can be given a specific spiritual, ideological and moral meaning—that may be reformulated by the viewer in several ways,” said Adam Erdesz of Erdész Gallery.

Art Palm Beach 2020, Booth 536, Erdész Gallery & Design

“Art is a way of life in which the artist’s professional and personal life are not separated. It’s not a consciously made choice, so every artist takes the responsibility to do what they love most and are the best at, and through it all they can produce something for people to enjoy. Anyone who has ever visited an exhibition or has artwork in their home will know the power of art. It can impress people, fill them up with positive vibes, can contribute to the growth of their personality and sense of style, and their becoming something more. 

'Unicorn', Glazed Fireclay, etchingmixed media, 122 x 84 cm, 2019
By creating art, I can connect to people on an entirely different level, I can reach emotional strings vibrating deep inside, which is only possible through art.” This internationally collected sculptor plans to hold more exhibitions in the United States, "visual arts are about designing objects and figurative and non-figurative shapes, and I am fundamentally interested in creating artworks that can be displayed in indoor spaces, a piece of art that people can live with. This is a tiny market in Hungary, collectors and artists know each other by name. The segment of the customers who purchase contemporary sculptures is even smaller. It is necessary to extend this market to international customers.”

‘JUMPING JAGUAR’, Bronze, 40 x 8 x 17 cm, 2009. Art Palm Beach 2020, Booth 536, Erdész Gallery & Design

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