Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Imaginary Landscapes of French Abstract Artist Pierre-Paul Marchini

Pierre-Paul Marchini, ‘Fonds Marins’ (Seabed), 90″ x 70″

French artist Pierre-Paul Marchini is known for his large oil paintings expressing vivid color and light. His masterful work becomes a visual beacon of light and hope, emanating a brilliance and an illumination that invoke obscure reflections and imaginary landscapes. Marchini’s work can be found in numerous galleries, museums and private collections worldwide. His art is recognized immediately by his unique style, using oil paints and a palette knife to create a pictorial universe bursting with energy, color, and luminosity.

Artist Pierre-Paul Marchini

The artist lives and works in Ajaccio, the capital city on the French island of Corsica located in the Mediterranean Sea. Due to Corsica’s historical ties with the Italian peninsula, the island retains many Italian cultural elements. The unique light that shines on the island offers him an extraordinary palette of colors. Marchini has been included in Marquis Who's WhoAs in all Marquis Who's Who biographical volumes, individuals profiled are selected on the basis of current reference value. Factors such as position, noteworthy accomplishments, visibility, and prominence in a field are all taken into account during the selection process.

Pierre-Paul Marchini, ‘Lumière du Soir’ (Evening Light), 80″ x 60″

As a leader in the field, artist Pierre-Paul Marchini is affiliated with numerous professional organizations. A member of the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, his work has been featured in shows around the world, including at the New York Art Expo in 2015. A self taught artist, Marchini has completed coursework in secondary education, and he is a veteran of the French Navy. Marchini is recognized as an Academic Master. “These are the landscapes that do not necessarily exist, scraps of memories that have been recorded and then recreated. On the other hand, it is never a work accomplished from photographs or precise models. I mainly paint from feeling,” explained the artist.

Pierre-Paul Marchini, ‘Orage’ (Thunderstorm), 90″ x 70″

Marchini’s application with a palette knife allows him to build and structure larger surface areas. The artist’s emotion and focus on inner energy, and sometimes contemplation, create expressive, lyrical and thoughtful qualities in his paintings. Throughout his career, Pierre-Paul Marchini has been recognized for his contributions to the art world. His pieces evoke natural beauty, contrasts and extremes, and his use of color is regarded as bold and striking. Evoking historical and contemporary issues, his work is noted for leaving the impression of movement and action.

Pierre-Paul Marchini, ‘La Folle Symponie’ (The Crazy Symphony), 80″ x 60″

The core aspect of Marchini’s work is the vivid light and illumination that radiate from the canvas, he has a skillful way of capturing the luster and brilliance of light within his work. “Oil paint is my favorite material,” said Marchini. “It is a substance which makes it possible to best express what one feels. Especially since we can try certain tests before obtaining the desired result, an impossible exercise with acrylic in particular, which dries too quickly,” confides the artist.

Pierre-Paul Marchini, ‘Les Arbres Du Futur’ (The Trees of the Future), 80″ x 80″

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