Monday, March 23, 2020

Introducing 'Frost Science@Home' Featuring Resources, Activities & More

"At Frost Science, science education is always at the forefront of our thinking. In unprecedented times like these, science is more vital than ever. Although we may be temporarily closed, we continue to stay committed to sharing the power of science with our community."
Through this new Frost Science@Home digital platform series, the venue will be sharing free educational resources, videos, DIY science activities and more. The page will continue to stay updated with new information. You can also follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram where they will be posting regular updates and behind-the-scenes content. Please share it with your family and friends, and tag #FrostScienceAtHome!
📝 Explore free standards-aligned curriculum resources and Frost Science exhibition guides, including exciting and educational activities. Click here.
✂️ Looking for activities to keep young learners and budding scientists engaged? These DIY science and distance learning resources have you covered. Click here.
🔍 Explore Frost Science in the comfort of your home! Take a virtual tour of the campus and use a 360° video technology to explore their major exhibition spaces. Click here.
👩‍⚕️ Can animals be affected by COVID-19? How do they care for the diverse wildlife at Frost Science? Their veterinarian, Dr. Kristen Dubé has all the answers! Click here.
🐢 She weighs 135 lbs. and is over 20 years old. Meet the Frost Science rehabilitated loggerhead turtle, Miko, and learn more about this amazing species of sea turtles. Click here.
🦈 There are over 400 species of sharks in the world. Sounds like a lot? Well, there's nine different species of hammerheads alone! Here are the top 5 things you didn't know about sharks. Click here.
🌌 See what all the "buzz" is about! From a deep voyage into space, to the Frost Science new resident loggerhead turtle, they recently partnered with WFOR CBS4 Miami to highlight some interesting stories about the museum. Click here.
For those looking for insight into COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Frost Science spoke with some leading experts about the virus and got some key questions answered, along with helpful links and resources. Click here.
"Frost Science is able to achieve our mission to inspire and engage communities through real, rigorous science thanks to generous support from people like you. This support is crucial, particularly during these challenging and extraordinary circumstances.
Please consider making a donation today so that we can continue our work in science education and research, environmental conservation, animal care and rehabilitation. We understand now is a trying time for all and we absolutely appreciate any help you can provide. All donations, however small, will have an impact."
"Thank you for your continued support and partnership. By working together and supporting each other, we'll get through this crisis."

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