Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Sagamore presents ‘Inspired by Masters’

On Thursday, February 20th at 8pm experience the Cocktail-Opening Vernissage of ‘Inspired by Masters‘, an art exhibition at the Sagamore Hotel on Miami Beach in the presence of Laurent Gallissot, the Consul General of France in Miami. The iconic “art hotel” presents their latest exposition, Inspired by Masters, a journey through art history.
This amazing exposition, curated by Gabrielle HB Abada and Sebastien Laboureau, invites you to explore how art has impacted our contemporary societies to its core for centuries. It includes work from artists such as Jeff Koons, Speedy Graphito, John Baldessari, Dan Alva, Robert Leone, Belin, TeePop and Monique Lassooij, just to name a few.

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