Monday, February 10, 2020

Artist Lenore Rae Lampi's Work Explores the Lush Folds, Twists and Forces of Physics in Natural Forms and Textiles

The possibilities of form and movement lend a fluidity to Lenore Lampi‘s sculptural ceramic artwork. Her work is appealing not only because the designs are eloquent, but also because the subject matter reflects poignant memories and notions of endurance.

Artist Lenore Rae Lampi

Sculptor Lenore Rae Lampi has been associated with her biomorphic birch bark series for years but has recently moved seamlessly into a new arena of cultural commentary and pop-art influenced objects. In her latest Big Bling Series, Lenore has embraced the forms of ribbons and bows, essentially birch bark of another kind, the outermost layer of cultural icons and nostalgic tendencies.

Lenore Rae Lampi, ‘Bow Form II’, Ceramic Sculpture, 18″H x 13″W x 14″D

Lampi’s signature work is a study in perception and a reflection o f the undulating movement of tree bark. Her Big Bling series explores adornments such as ribbons, bows, and streamers, monumentalizing these humble objects while evoking feelings of nostalgia. Both series use clay as a starting point to explore lush folds, twisting shapes, and the forces of physics in natural forms and textiles.

Lenore Rae Lampi, ‘Bling in Red’, Ceramic Wall Sculpture.
Clay with a cold finish of paint and flocking, 15″H x 20″W x 5″D

Collectors and art aficionados recently had the opportunity to experience Lampi’s work on exhibit at the 23rd Edition of Art Palm Beach with Steidel Contemporary Booth 422, January 30 – February 3, 2020. Work is available for sale through Artful Home, where select pieces can be purchased directly from their website, click here.

Lenore Rae Lampi, ‘Bling in Bronze’, Ceramic Wall Sculpture. Hand built from clay and finished with a metallic bronze-colored glaze. Dimensions for each, clockwise from upper left: 19″ x 17″, 19″ x 16″, 16″ x 12″.

Lenore Lampi earned a BA in fine art and an MA in art education from the University of Minnesota. She has studied under and learned from many notable artists, including Dorian Beaulieu, Bob Husby, Holly Anderson Jorde, and Wenzhi Zhang. She participated in the International Wood Fire Conference in China in 2007.

Lenore Rae Lampi, from the Big Bling Series, ceramic high relief wall sculpture. Mixed media with flocking, 14″ x 14″.

Always fascinated with the undulating forms in Classical drapery since the days of observing her mother’s workings as a seamstress, Lenore now captures this movement and narrative with a Pop Art sensibility. Her new series explores the notion of adornment of the affordable kind. Ribbons, bows, and streamers in an historical context may evoke feelings of nostalgia, kitsch, and pomp. Referencing Pop Art to describe the work, with the intention to monumentalize these humble objects.

Lenore Rae Lampi, ‘Buoyant Bling II’, 2019.
Ceramic Sculpture, 21″H x 17″W x 5″D.
vailable with Steidel Contemporary

Lampi’s current sculptural work has a bold narrative delineating the growing veneration of the female influence in American culture, meanwhile arousing the nostalgic infatuation with the ‘good old days’ that so many Americans seem to want to relive. For more information about this fascinating artist, to commission a piece, make an inquiry, or to learn about future exhibitions, please visit:

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