Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Storefront Art Studio in Downtown Hollywood presents a dual art exhibition, 'Ideal Situation', featuring artists Jill Weisberg & Brian Gefen

Storefront Art Studio is pleased to present IDEAL SITUATION, a dual exhibition of Brian Gefen and Jill Weisberg. This collaboration is a culmination of current social and political situations. Using vintage printed materials, pop-culture iconography and a vibrant color palette, Gefen and Weisberg communicate their views in different ways both using a mixed-media approach.

Jill Weisberg's 'Fast, Fast, Fast'

Gefen uses pop culture to illustrate how society puts priorities on entertainment, not factual information. Weisberg's intention is to show how feminism has been commodified for profit by using advertisements from vintage women's magazines. Both artists' work are a treat for the eyes, encouraging the viewer to look deeper into the works and find meaning.

Brian Gefen's 'Too close to the Viewfinder'

Storefront Art Studio is an exhibition space in the heart of Downtown Hollywood, Florida and the working studios of local artists Jill Weisberg and Brian Gefen. It is a dedicated site for artists and creatives to showcase their work in an environment that melds seamlessly with the traditional architecture of Downtown Hollywood, while also being a rallying point for cultural events and vibrant social interaction.

Jill Weisberg's 'Golden Gal'

The two open platforms that flank the entrance to Storefront are exhibition walls that can be viewed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once inside, viewers and visitors become a part of the exhibition, themselves, integrated into a dynamic community environment with locally-driven programming.

Brian Gefen's 'Bob, Bob Bang'

We recently had the pleasure to chat with the artists about their shared studio space and gallery, as well as their work and art careers:

Q: We think it's amazing that you both create art together, can you tell us more about your partnership and the art space that you share? 

A: (Jill) We both had our separate studios before we met, it was only natural that we would work together because we enjoy being together. Storefront Art Studio is a literal storefront commercial space on Hollywood Boulevard and is where we create our artwork as well as curate shows together. It's located in Downtown Hollywood, Florida which is a super fun place to have a studio. 

Q: What do you feel is the best part about being an artist and how did you each get started on this path? 

A: (Brian) My own choice to do whatever I want artistically. I made art as a child but didn't realize until High School that this could be a lifestyle and creative outlet when I was introduced to photography.

    (Jill) I really enjoy working with different materials and I also get to express myself in a therapeutic way. I come from a very creative family and have been painting and drawing since I was a small child. I made a career in graphic design, but my true calling is public art. 

Q: You both have your own unique style, yet your art blends so well together – where does your individual inspiration come from, can you tell us what your creative process is like? 

A: (Brian) I am very compulsive and I constantly want to make new work. I get more enjoyment out of creating work when I make a series. When I work with that series, I get satisfaction through the exploration of process and materials. Also, I am influenced by current themes of visual representation that I translate into my own style.

    (Jill) My work heavily influenced by imagery and advertisements from vintage women's magazines. There is something just so fascinating about seeing those striking visuals from a bygone era. I am also very attracted to materials that dazzle the eye. I use the magazines as a starting point and then either re-draw or collage materials on top to create a new composition that often shifts the context or subverts the original vintage imagery. 

Q: Is there an artist or artists whom you both admire, or who inspires you and your work?

A: (Brian) For me, it's not about a particular artist, I am inspired by art history and life around me. 

    (Jill) I am very much influenced by feminist artists who use type and images together to evoke emotional responses such as Jenny Holzer and Barbara Kreuger. I am also heavily influenced by graphic design and typography because I spent so much of my life working in that field. 

Q: What advice can you share for anyone looking to pursue their passion in the arts? 

A: (Brian) If you are truly passionate about being an artist, you will make art because you have that ability. Regardless of what anyone else says, if making art gives you satisfaction, that's all you should care about.

     (Jill) When I taught graphic design I would always tell the students to have a separate arts practice away from their graphic design work. That way you have your own special thing you can work on and completely express yourself with no restrictions. 

Q: What are your plans for Art Basel Miami Week, you're known for hosting exciting events at your art gallery/studio space in Hollywood that draw great crowds – can we expect anything to share with our readers and art fans who like to attend a wide array of South Florida events during Art Week? 

A: (Jill) We will have our current show up, Ideal Situation, at Storefront Art Studio and because of the way the exterior storefronts flank the viewer, our work can be seen 24/7 from the outside. We will also be visiting Miami to support and participate in shows and visit with friends in from out of town.

Art exhibitions and events can be staged at Storefront, so please enquire via email: / Hours are  by appointment only. IDEAL SITUATION will be on view through December 22nd, 2019. For more information visit

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