Wednesday, September 7, 2016

#SAVEARTSPACE: The World Today

#SAVEARTSPACE: The World Today
Gallery Petite, 114 Wilson Ave, Brooklyn NY. September 9th, 2016

#SAVEARTSPACE is pleased to present our first pop up gallery exhibition at Gallery Petite, opening September 9th. This exhibition comprises the work of six local Brooklyn artists - Leslie Tucker, Ryan Bock, Ivette Urena, Morgan Lappin, Masha Simonova and David Chan. These artists are exploring the theme of The World Today.

The selected artists are visually presenting their concerns and questions about the social issues that impacts all walks of life. Issues ranging from overpopulation to poverty, and surveillance. Together, we can embrace the notions of sociological complexities to raise awareness, ask questions, and inspire civilization through the portals that the artists have created.

Curated by #SAVEARTSPACE co-founders Travis Rix and Justin Aversano. Find out more about the artists at

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