Monday, September 12, 2016

International Artist Evi Photopoulos Is Inspired By The Mills Of Crete

Mills of Crete is a place of constant inspiration for the renowned multidisciplinary artist Evi Photopoulos, and her Sculpture Painting out of Steel a Hidden Masterpiece.

Mills of Crete has become a place of creative ideas for the international art star. The magical place has motivated her imagination, giving birth to powerful and creative artworks.

Using panels made of aluminum forged by hammer and other special tools on the anvil, almost a year in the making to create piece by piece, each one patiently fabricated and collectively united into a massive sculpture panel. The installation is placed on a wood panel using hundreds of steel nails with oil colors to paint various parts, painstakingly created for days and nights.

Finally the masterpiece was complete, "Written on Steel", which was created at the Mills of Crete Workshop hanging atop the main building of Mills at the Bakery.

This magnificent artwork remains hidden as it belongs to a private collection and has travelled digitally to many Biennales & Art Fairs in Miami, New York and beyond.

But for the artist there is no limit for inspirations. The basements of the Mills will become the place for Photopoulos' next creation. She wrote a poem/script and makes the Short Film "You! My Souls of Darkness", which has been selected from more than 40 International Film Festivals worldwide, the artist was awarded by the Italian Fine Art Association.

The extraordinary sculptures out of bread which were exhibited at the London Biennale, Mexico, the Louvre Museum, and the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery.

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