Wednesday, September 14, 2016

#SAVEARTSPACE: Los Angeles "We Only Have One Place To Live" Open Call For Los Angeles Area Artists

We Only Have One Place To Live
Open Call For Art!

#SAVEARTSPACE brings public art to Los Angeles, showcasing local artists on advertising spaces throughout the area beginning January 16, 2017. The exhibition is entitled, "We Only Have One Place To Live."  The artists are responding to the most important global concern, which affects all of us—the current and changing state of our natural environment. Recently, scientists and researchers identified that we are now living in the first epoch in Earth's history where our environment is being actively changed by human activity across our planet. "We Only Have One Place to Live" aims will explore the tension, between human society and the environment; between static and change. The exhibition is asking local artists to voice their passionate concerns about how their changing environment is affecting our globalized society, not just through environmental phenomena—such as prolonged droughts, wildfires, rising sea-levels, air quality, water conservation and more—but also the philosophical and existential questions that arise when we are both the problem, and the potential solution, to the crises our world faces.

We invite artists of all ages & talents in the Los Angeles area to submit! Artists are invited to apply between September 14th and November 23rd, 2016. There is a $10 fee per image to participate, each donation is a tax deduction and goes to producing public art. Only digital format entries will be eligible, each artist is encouraged to submit up to three images. Submissions will be accepted at
A qualified panel of Curators will consider each submission's pertinence to the theme of the exhibition, the context of the images and association to the public space. Curators include Justin Aversano and Travis Rix, whom together have curated the previous four public art exhibitions by #SAVEARTSPACE.  

All submissions will be featured on #SAVEARTSPACE social media pages with the permission of the artist. The complete list of rules for submissions can be found

#SAVEARTSPACE has previous held four Public Art Exhibitions in New York City and one in Miami, Fl. If you live in the Los Angeles, California area, please consider submitting your art to our Public Art Exhibition!

Justin Aversano received his BFA in Photography at School of Visual Arts in New York. He is also owner and operator of professional photography lab Brooklyn Lightroom, based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Justin is an active artist and curator, working within the greater Bushwick and Brooklyn art scene. He has organized and curated a number of shows along with The Living Gallery, and when not creating, Justin can be found skateboarding around, taking his dog Tia (short for Tortilla) for walks, and socializing with friends.

Travis Rix received his BFA in Photography at School of Visual Arts in New York, and was featured in the 2014 Mentors Show at the SVA Gallery. When not out on the streets looking for new locations for art installations, or helping within the community, you can find Travis socializing in the park, painting, or spending time with friends and family.

Also, a special guest curator to be announced at a later date.
#SAVEARTSPACE is dedicated to producing public art exhibitions. We work with contributors to provide local artists visual platforms in the public space. By creating an urban gallery experience, we aim to affect and inspire a new generation of artists.

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