Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Keep Your Eyes On Global Art Sensation Vito Bonanno

New England and New York-based artist Vito Bonanno’s mix of hyper-focused Autism inspired work is a blend of street art, pop culture and dreams from his unfiltered world.

'Red', Dead Trivia Series, 2016.

Bonanno is an internationally recognized artist who taps into the daily emotional and social challenges of living with autism, placing his innermost feelings onto canvas. The work is image and concept driven and imbedded in his personal philosophy. His art contains the essence of his life, feelings, thoughts and dreams, coupled around objects or topics that “get stuck in his head”, including traffic lights, grids, ceiling fans, graffiti and pop culture.

'Dream Girl', Anxiety & Dreams Series, 2014.

His work is collected by art world luminaries such as Joey Arias, Robert Galinsky, Supermodel Monica Watkins, and the owner of Azucar Ice Cream Company in Miami, Suzy Batlle, to name a few.

'Airplane Crashes into Aerosol Building', Airplane Series, 2015.

Bonanno began his artist representation with veteran NYC Art Dealer and co-owner of New York City based Umbrella Arts Gallery, Margaret Bodell. Bodell helped define and expand the outsider movement during the 90’s in her East Village gallery by including artists with autism alongside contemporary artists, bringing to light the unique visual arts gift that only the autistic can tap into such as Michael Madore, Jessica Park and Ricky Hagedorn.

Bodell encouraged Bonanno to collaborate with “mainstream” artist’s one-on-one-in order to help him round out his artistic voice and philosophy, as well as to encourage him to continue to explore additional artistic mediums. These collaborations have resulted in a discovery of the wide range of artistic styles that Bonanno is capable of and have furthered his independent and unedited artistic voice. Bodell believes Bonanno has a rare form of extreme talent.

'Daffy Goes To Waterbury with a Ninja Turtle', Obsessions & Meditations Series, 2014.

Exclusive Art Installation by by Ivan Toth Depeña at Spotify's 'Clarify' Miami Exhibition

Spotify presents Clarify, a series of exhibitions that explore the connection between music, art, and politics. Enjoy an Opening Reception + Talk on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 6:30pm featuring a conversation about the intersection of art, music and climate change. Leading up to the November election, there will be 8 exhibitions in 8 cities around the United States, each one taking on one of today’s key political issues. Join us in Miami for an exclusive art installation by Ivan Depeña plus a conversation about the intersection of art, music, and climate change.

"Reflect" 2012.

Ivan Toth Depeña is an artist who is currently living and working in Charlotte, North Carolina. With a Masters Degree in Architecture from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, Depeña’s production is informed by his experience in art, architecture, technology and design, and encompasses a range of media. Depeña pursues the intersection between different disciplines with the aim of choreographing the moment when these aspects come together seamlessly. Using traditional avenues such as drawing, painting and sculpture then interweaving interactivity/responsiveness, video, light and high-tech methods of fabrication, Depeña explores the fine line between chance and intention.

Although Depeña has been working increasingly in the public realm, he maintains a rigorous and experimental, self directed studio practice. He has exhibited extensively, nationally and internationally, in both solo and group exhibitions, including at the McColl Center, NC; Praxis NY, NYC; New Britain Museum of American Art, CT; Miami Art Museum, Frost Art Museum, and the Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, FL. Depeña has recently completed large-scale public commissions in New York, NY; Denver, CO; Albuquerque, NM; Gainesville, and Miami, FL. His work is held in numerous public and private collections.

“Inside/Out” Public Art Responsive/Interactive Light Installation 2015 at PAMM

In early 2014, he was awarded a prestigious Knight Arts Challenge Miami Grant for his proposal for a first of it’s kind series of augmented reality public art projects throughout South Florida called “Lapse”. Depeña is also currently a finalist for the renowned Cintas Fellowship 2016-2017.

“Prisoner’s Cinema” (Series) Ongoing.

Combining many sources of media, technology, form and materials, Depeña seeks to blur boundaries and create work that exists within a new and amorphous hybrid of various creative disciplines.

“Fail Safe” (Fallen Sky Chronicles) 2013.

Past exhibitions include, ‘Aesthetics and Values 2011’ at the Frost Museum in Miami, ‘Miami in Transition’ at the Miami Art Museum and various group and solo exhibitions throughout the United States. Depeña is the recipient of several grants including the ‘South Florida Visual + Media Artist Fellowship Grant’. He has completed residencies at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida and the Digital Sculpture and Public Art Residencies at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

“Fail Safe” (Fallen Sky Chronicles) 2013.

Join us for Spotify’s Clarify exhibition at 11 11 Lincoln Road on Miami Beach opening on Tuesday, October 18th at 6:30pm. 11 11 is a unique shopping, dining, residential and parking experience located at the gateway to Lincoln Road’s pedestrian promenade. The exhibition features an exclusive art installation by Depeña plus a conversation about the intersection of art, music, and climate change. Free Admission and Gallery Hours are 12noon-10pm.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Join us at Wynwood's Tranter-Sinni Gallery for the opening of Jamie dePasquale's EXPLORATION + EVOLUTION: Game of Life Series

SAVE THE DATE September 29th
Jamie dePasquale
Game of Life Series
Tranter-Sinni Gallery is pleased to invite you to attend their VIP opening reception on September 29th, 6-9 pm. Join us in celebrating the anticipated opening with Jamie dePasquale in attendance.

Established in 2009, With its first platform in Caledon, ON Canada. Tranter-Sinni Gallery is a secondary market gallery specializing in work by Modern, pre and post-war, contemporary European and American artists. Located in the world renowned Museo Vault Building at 350 NW 29th St. Miami, Florida.
The Artist Jamie dePasquale

Born February 16th, 1953 in Brooklyn, New York. In 1976 Jamie began his art series with his pattern paintings, inspired by a viewing of a horse against a brick wall that would help influence his idea of electric, 3 dimensional images. Pretty abstraction with an idea of vandalism through his ripped canvas. He went on to show his work at the Monique Knowlton Gallery. Showing a variety of his cartoon portrait, stylized, non-existent animals. From dogs to lions, Jamie's lion theme making a huge impression on the art scene in New York. Jamie dePasquale received an outstanding review for his series by John Russel, who was one of the foremost art critics of the New York times.
In 1986 until 1991 Jamie dePasquale began working on his transitional works. Influenced by Roy Lichtenstein's organized pictures planes, 2 dimensional patterns and pieces lead him to his brick series to include the brick house and brick tree. He began drawing a series from this. His hobby of crosswords began to take on a life of their own.  He was fascinated by the squares of how the puzzles can do anything, how they can be manipulated by shape and color. Like a mathematical equation he would see the same in a stack of playing cards, Mary-Jane wrappers, mattress labels or domino's. Connecting the dots, leaving out edges and creating shapes and abstraction through his paintings. This series featuring his unique style of Cubist, pop art.
Leading into 2000, Jamie dePasquale began experimenting with sculptures and discovered the idea of scale in his works. Creating his island paintings, which will be featured, in his upcoming exhibit with Tranter-Sinni Gallery.
Jamie dePasquale for over 25 years worked side by side in the studio with Lichtenstein, observing his techniques and offering his paintings for critiques. DePasquale observed Lichtenstein constantly moving from one painting to the next, always evolving his technique to stay fresh. DePasquale adapted this approach to his technique, mastering one technical aspect and then moving to the next. This exhibition portrays this series of techniques.   
Jamie dePasquale

Has had solo exhibitions at; The Monique Knowlton Gallery, NYC, The Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, NY, The Tony Shafrazi Gallery, NYC, The OK Harris Gallery, NYC, The Stephen Kessler Gallery, NYC, and Gallery Shchukin Gallery, NYC.   Jamie received special recognition from John Russell, The NY Times Art Critic and Juror, for a group show titled "California Collections".  His work has also been included in many group exhibitions since the mid 1970's.

Painting above
Jamie dePasquale
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 19 x 12 inches
Signed: signed on verso
Price available on request
Now available at Tranter-Sinni Gallery, Jamie dePasquale's works on canvas

Tranter-Sinni Gallery Services
The gallery provides an intimate space for exhibitions of art and sculpture, With a strong reputation for historically focused exhibitions that have an excellent  impact both critically and on the secondary market. Serving an international clientele, we aim to work closely with private collections, estates, foundations and other institutions to promote the highest quality, most significant and valuable art for our collectors.
Tranter-Sinni Gallery team offers expert advice and personalized consulting services in guiding clients step by step thru the delicate process of building a noteworthy art collection. The gallery presents ten artists solo exhibitions per year, and it proudly promotes its roster at major International Art Fairs. 

Contact us to learn more: info@tranter-sinnigallery.com
Tranter-Sinni Gallery| (305) 849-7999|

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

#SAVEARTSPACE: Los Angeles "We Only Have One Place To Live" Open Call For Los Angeles Area Artists

We Only Have One Place To Live
Open Call For Art!

#SAVEARTSPACE brings public art to Los Angeles, showcasing local artists on advertising spaces throughout the area beginning January 16, 2017. The exhibition is entitled, "We Only Have One Place To Live."  The artists are responding to the most important global concern, which affects all of us—the current and changing state of our natural environment. Recently, scientists and researchers identified that we are now living in the first epoch in Earth's history where our environment is being actively changed by human activity across our planet. "We Only Have One Place to Live" aims will explore the tension, between human society and the environment; between static and change. The exhibition is asking local artists to voice their passionate concerns about how their changing environment is affecting our globalized society, not just through environmental phenomena—such as prolonged droughts, wildfires, rising sea-levels, air quality, water conservation and more—but also the philosophical and existential questions that arise when we are both the problem, and the potential solution, to the crises our world faces.

We invite artists of all ages & talents in the Los Angeles area to submit! Artists are invited to apply between September 14th and November 23rd, 2016. There is a $10 fee per image to participate, each donation is a tax deduction and goes to producing public art. Only digital format entries will be eligible, each artist is encouraged to submit up to three images. Submissions will be accepted at saveartspace.org/losangeles.
A qualified panel of Curators will consider each submission's pertinence to the theme of the exhibition, the context of the images and association to the public space. Curators include Justin Aversano and Travis Rix, whom together have curated the previous four public art exhibitions by #SAVEARTSPACE.  

All submissions will be featured on #SAVEARTSPACE social media pages with the permission of the artist. The complete list of rules for submissions can be found atsaveartspace.org/submit.

#SAVEARTSPACE has previous held four Public Art Exhibitions in New York City and one in Miami, Fl. If you live in the Los Angeles, California area, please consider submitting your art to our Public Art Exhibition!

Justin Aversano received his BFA in Photography at School of Visual Arts in New York. He is also owner and operator of professional photography lab Brooklyn Lightroom, based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Justin is an active artist and curator, working within the greater Bushwick and Brooklyn art scene. He has organized and curated a number of shows along with The Living Gallery, and when not creating, Justin can be found skateboarding around, taking his dog Tia (short for Tortilla) for walks, and socializing with friends.

Travis Rix received his BFA in Photography at School of Visual Arts in New York, and was featured in the 2014 Mentors Show at the SVA Gallery. When not out on the streets looking for new locations for art installations, or helping within the community, you can find Travis socializing in the park, painting, or spending time with friends and family.

Also, a special guest curator to be announced at a later date.
#SAVEARTSPACE is dedicated to producing public art exhibitions. We work with contributors to provide local artists visual platforms in the public space. By creating an urban gallery experience, we aim to affect and inspire a new generation of artists.

Monday, September 12, 2016

International Artist Evi Photopoulos Is Inspired By The Mills Of Crete

Mills of Crete is a place of constant inspiration for the renowned multidisciplinary artist Evi Photopoulos, and her Sculpture Painting out of Steel a Hidden Masterpiece.

Mills of Crete has become a place of creative ideas for the international art star. The magical place has motivated her imagination, giving birth to powerful and creative artworks.

Using panels made of aluminum forged by hammer and other special tools on the anvil, almost a year in the making to create piece by piece, each one patiently fabricated and collectively united into a massive sculpture panel. The installation is placed on a wood panel using hundreds of steel nails with oil colors to paint various parts, painstakingly created for days and nights.

Finally the masterpiece was complete, "Written on Steel", which was created at the Mills of Crete Workshop hanging atop the main building of Mills at the Bakery.

This magnificent artwork remains hidden as it belongs to a private collection and has travelled digitally to many Biennales & Art Fairs in Miami, New York and beyond.

But for the artist there is no limit for inspirations. The basements of the Mills will become the place for Photopoulos' next creation. She wrote a poem/script and makes the Short Film "You! My Souls of Darkness", which has been selected from more than 40 International Film Festivals worldwide, the artist was awarded by the Italian Fine Art Association.

The extraordinary sculptures out of bread which were exhibited at the London Biennale, Mexico, the Louvre Museum, and the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery.

Renowned Contemporary Artist Patrick Willard aka W4 Creates Unique Art From Rare Concert Tickets


Miami-based visual artist Patrick Willard, aka W4, creates unique art with his personal collection of thousands of rock concert ticket stubs, backstage passes and VIP laminates, which capture a million magical moments from a lifetime spent traveling the world as a music journalist and television personality.

Angel Wings

“These artifacts reflect thousands of unique musical events that collectively trace the arc of my personal and professional life”, explained W4.

Grateful Dead Skull

Each of the artist’s creations is printed as a series of 8, every piece is signed and incorporates W4’s treasured concert tickets, backstage passes, hidden hippos, various symbols and a trail of Hindu writing. “I like the Hindi calligraphy, it means ‘World of Lyrics’.”

The artist has works on exhibit in Miami's Wynwood Arts District and West Palm Beach's Cultural Corridor. 

IX Skulls

Check out select pieces at The Box Gallery located at 811 B Belvedere Road in West Palm Beach, Florida 33401. The gallery is owned and operated by two of South Florida's most respected art icons, Rolando Chang Berrero & Gary Kroman, featuring emerging and established artists.

Skull I

If you're in Wynwood, head over to Blank Canvas Gallery to enjoy select artworks of W4's on exhibit, located in the heart of the district at 46 NW 36th Street in Miami, Florida 33127. 


The artist also has works on display at Walt Grace Vintage Gallery in the Wynwood Arts District. “Walt Grace Vintage brings class to the neighborhood,” says The Daily Wood. “It’s the kind of combination you’ve never thought of, but works together so beautifully. Cars and guitars.


Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition 2016

Meeting Art Gallery is organizing Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition taking place October 1-8, 2016. This is the 4th edition of the acclaimed international exhibition that will feature a selection of worldwide artists in Lisbon, Portugal - marking the 10th international exhibit organized by this gallery. The showcase is garnering a level of excellence within the global visual arts community, as the artists go through a rigorous selection and curatorial process lasting 3 months, 14 artists have been chosen to participate.

The lead curator for Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition is Goncalo Madeira with support from renowned global artist Natalia Gromicho. The Vernissage will take place on October 1, 2016 at 5pm local time. Reservations for the Vernissage must be made by September 25th via email to: meetingartgallery@gmail.com; and will feature a selection of collectors and art critics. The exhibition will be open to the public from October 2nd through October 8th.

The gallery opened on a very memorable day, April 25th 2013, when Lisbon gained its freedom from a dictatorial regime. Located in Downtown Chiado, one of Lisbon's most popular areas, the opening was an incredible event with a solo exhibition of Natalia Gromicho's work titled 'Lisboa, dignos de nota', the artists tribute to the city where she was born and honoring the special day. Meeting Art Gallery is situated in Espaço Chiado, a shopping center in Downtown Chiado that was built to preserve “Ferdinand Wall”, a wall that protected Lisbon from attacks during the period of the Middle Ages. Chiado is one of the most iconic and traditional neighborhoods of Lisbon, located between Bairro Alto and the Downtown shopping districts.

"Its location is very privileged with access from the street Rua da Misericórdia or the street Rua Nova da Trindade, right next to the Trindade Theater", explained Goncalo Madeira. Meeting Art Gallery generates tremendous traffic and visitors from the historical attractions of Chiado; the shopping, cafes, leisure areas and popular sites. The gallery is a very large, open space with excellent lighting and sophisticated hanging systems. Services include fine art consultations, stretching and framing, premium paints and a variety of materials for artists on site, as well as many fine art products special ordered by request. 

"The idea was simple, we wanted to create a private, open space for artists without any limitations, obstacles, or barriers. Everyone is welcome to experience art and participate in the process through live painting sessions and workshops", explained Gromicho.