Thursday, April 8, 2021

University of Miami Wynwood Gallery presents Melissa Agnes Tychonievich REMEMBRANCER


Melissa Agnes Tychonievich l Wynwood

Melissa Agnes Tychonievich

Melissa Agnes Tychonievich: Remembrancer | Saturday, April 10 | Wynwood


University of Miami Gallery 
2750 NW 3rd Avenue, Suite 4
Miami, FL 33127


Remembrancer is a Master of Fine Arts Exhibition by Melissa Agnes Tychonievich, featuring a collection of full color, life-sized figurative oil paintings and monochromatic lithographic prints. Using the visual symbolism of their own interpersonal relationships, Tychonievich explores pictorial connections between representational images and non-objective techniques in contemporary painting. She identifies her work as existing between the conceptual binaries of the Representational and the Concrete, each individual painting articulating its own personalized place on this spectrum. As a queer, non-binary person, Tychonievich uses the societal gender binary of Male and Female as a personal allegory in their work, investigating implicit feminist themes of sexuality, identity, and gender expression.


Melissa Agnes Tychonievich is a queer contemporary figure painter originally from St. Louis, Missouri. Tychonievich identifies as non-binary in their gender expression, preferring to use both “she/her” and “they/them” pronouns. After completing their Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting and Art History at the Kansas City Art Institute in 2017, they moved to Miami, Florida in 2018 to pursue their Masters of Fine Arts in Painting. Her work is rooted in the foundational practice of recording perceptual information from observation, specifically figurative drawing and painting from life. Her work has been featured nationally, including at the H and R Bloch Artspace in Kansas City, Missouri; the Old Courthouse Arts Center in Woodstock, Illinois; and locally at the University of Miami Art Gallery in Wynwood.

The University of Miami Gallery is open on a limited basis to University of Miami faculty & students. The gallery will remain closed to the general public for the time being. We will continue to monitor the pandemic and follow CDC and University of Miami guidelines closely. Hours are Wednesday - Friday, 10 am - 3 pm. There will be a reception for the artist on Saturday, April 10th, from 6 pm to 9 pm; by appointment only. To schedule a visit, please contact Milly Cardoso, Gallery Director at, or call (305) 284-3161.

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*Image: Melissa Agnes Tychonievich, Self Portrait Diptych Part II (It Won't Hurt As Bad As You Think It Will, I Promise), oil on canvas, 24 x 36 inches, 2021 

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