Thursday, April 8, 2021

Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts: Through the Looking Glass

Earth Day

Celebrate the beauty of the EARTH in the Fired Arts at WMODA. The new exhibit, which opens on April 17, highlights the four classical elements of EARTH, AIR, FIRE and WATER that ancient philosophers believed were the fundamental building blocks of nature. See how today’s artists are breathing life into glass by using the natural resources of the EARTH. You will be blown away by the museum’s amazing glass collection in the heart of Dania Beach where we SEA IT. LIVE IT. LOVE IT.

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Dania Beach Mermaids

WMODA visitors are having fun with the Mermaid Quest scavenger hunt to find all the mermaids hiding around the museum. Soon the scope of the challenge will widen to include the City of Dania Beach. This summer, the 1000 Mermaids Project will deploy the first artificial coral reef installation in Broward County to help conserve Florida’s marine environment. Hear more about this exciting project on April 17. Meet Rhanu, WMODA's very own mermaid-in-residence, and watch local artist Laurence Panadero create a mermaid sculpture in clay.

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Leaves of Glass

A new exhibit Earth, Air, Fire & Water @ WMODA opens on April 17 to celebrate Earth Day and the beauty of nature in the Fired Arts. Central to the show is a series of glass leaf vessels and sculptures by Miami artist Rob Stern. Rob is fascinated by the fragile balancing act between humanity and nature, which he explores through the bounty of the earth. In Rob’s words “Humanity is transcended as we reflect the rhythm and patterning in this natural world.”

Star Volunteers

In National Volunteer Month, we are celebrating the invaluable work of all the WMODA volunteers who help develop and sustain the museum. April was designated as volunteer month in 1991 as part of the 1000 Points of Light campaign. George W. H. Bush likened volunteerism to “a brilliant diversity spread like stars, like a thousand points of light in a broad and peaceful sky." You can make a difference as a WMODA volunteer and become one of our stars.

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My Octopus Teacher

The most unexpected star in this year’s Oscar nominations is an octopus. The creature’s daily life was documented for almost a year by Craig Foster, a South African filmmaker and naturalist. The pair formed an extraordinary bond and the experience changed Foster’s life. The octopus is an unlikely muse for artists, but you will see its allure when we launch Chelsea Rousso’s latest Fashion and the Fired Arts project at WMODA on Saturday, April 17.

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Firing Miss Daisy

Ninety years ago, in April 1931, Daisy Makeig Jones left Wedgwood after a blazing row with Josiah Wedgwood IV. Initially she had been asked to retire from her position as the designer of Fairyland Lustre, but she refused and continued to come to work. As she stormed out of the meeting, she told one of the lads to smash every piece on the shelves of her studio at Wedgwood’s Etruria factory! Visit Daisy’s enchanted world at WMODA to hear more of her fascinating story and see a fabulous collection of her work.

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Who’s Who - Louise Irvine

Louise Irvine, our illustrious leader, wears many hats at WMODA. She is the Executive Director responsible for the administration of the museum, which has been particularly challenging during the pandemic. She is also the curator of the WMODA collection and creates all the museum exhibits and installations. Looking back through the pictorial history of WMODA exhibits and events from 2014 to the present, we can see how Louise has fired our imaginations both live and virtually in many different ways.

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Celebrate the beauty of nature in the Fired Arts at the latest exhibition at the Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts. The new show, which opens on April 17, highlights the four classical elements of EARTH, AIR, FIRE, and WATER.
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