Friday, May 31, 2019

Internationally Collected Visual Artist & Filmmaker Cheryl Maeder's New Video Installation 'Simulacra'

Internationally collected visual artist and filmmaker Cheryl Maeder's new video installation 'Simulacra', is a reflection, an imitation, of who we have become in this social media age. "As observer & narrator of the film, I become another one of the subjects in this social commentary on our filtered reality. Special thanks to Artist Mary Tidy-Coyle for our wonderful collaboration & editing, and Brandon Martinez, Datzi Media, who will be creating an Interactive 3D APP for this installation." -Cheryl Maeder.

Vimeo: 'Simulcra'

"Since 2008, I have been exhibiting as an artist during Art Basel Week at art fairs such as Art Miami.  I have noticed that social media has transformed our daily lives. In the first years of exhibiting, when viewers would come to the exhibit, they would ask to take photos with their phones. As the years progressed, fewer people would engage directly with the art. They instead use their phones as their lens to the world. Having observed this evolution, I thought it would be interesting to use my own iphone to film the viewers, so that I become an active participant, and we all become the 'Art'." 

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