Tuesday, May 28, 2019

NuTec Molecular Portraits: a Profile Representing a Person at Their Molecular Level

Dr. Piloto's artworks are made with the molecular signatures generated by NuTec, a radical technology made possible by advances in nanotechnology, organic chemistry, materials science, molecular medicine, and artificial intelligence expanding 8 years in development.

These dots appear insignificant to the human eye, disguising the paradigm-shifting and life-changing power they contain.

His representation of people as NuTec Molecular Portraits remove the cultural, socio-economic, racial, sexual and religious baggage we automatically associate with images of people.

The Making of Dr. Piloto's Art

Through different mediums, digital compositions, and an amalgamation of disparate elements, Obdulio Piloto creates ingenious works of art rooted in the complex aesthetic structures of molecular portraiture using the groundbreaking technology of NuTec.

The NuTec device is made up of tiny spots – each with different textures and physio-chemical properties that bind molecules, proteins and cells. The resulting NuTec profile is specific to each person at that moment in time.

Dr. Piloto stands at the vanguard of scientific research, actualizing the possibilities of radically improving human life through the use of deep science and artificial intelligence.

His art seeks to remind us of the interconnectedness of all things, our place in the universe, and the power of unleashing humanity's full potential to create a more hopeful future.

The scanned NuTec slide is then used as the basis for the artwork. Textured, colored NuTec spots constitute the visual vocabulary of Dr. Piloto’s artworks.

Delicately, the artists adds texture using paint to create a truly one-of-a-kind work of art. Lastly, he signs each piece with paint embedded with encrypted DNA from his genome to create a deeper personal connection with the collector.

Artem + Scientia’s Laboratory / Gallery Space

Art lovers and collectors are invited to visit the Art Gallery (by appointment only) Artem + Scientia is located at 7600 NW 69th Avenue in Miami, Florida 33166. For more information visit www.artemscientia.com

VIDEO: The Fine Art Of Obdulio Piloto

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