Friday, September 7, 2018

The Remarkable Artist & Designer Sol Gersh

Miami Beach artist and designer Sol Gersh has lived a remarkable and exciting life as an artist, designer and businessman, attending the Rhode Island School of Design and Providence College; Summa Cum Laude. 

The 91-year-old artist was born on September 28, 1926. He is retired and currently resides in Bal Harbour, Florida and continues to create and unveil new and old works at various shows and exhibitions throughout South Florida. 

Gersh was the apprentice to N.E. muralist , Harold Ashodian for 4 years, and Gersh studied 2 years with Jackson Pollack’s friend and teacher Thomas Hart Benton. He was also the President of Allied Artists for many years.

He also won first place “3 City Competition” in Surfside, Florida three years in a row for original oil or acrylic painting and won a painting prize from the Providence Art Society. Gersh most recently exhibited at Cafeina Wynwood‘s Exhibition Center in his show ‘Then & Now, 65 Years of Nurealism‘. 

Gersh coined “nurrealism” to describe the painting of daydreams; the subconscious and delusions of grandeur individuals “see” when eyes are closed, sitting in the sun, or meditating and the artist’s hand is guided by the master force suggested by Salvador Dali. One step removed from surrealism, “nurealism” is both a pun and a Portmanteau.

The artist was one of the founding co-op artists and members of The Art Place Wynwood, which was located at 2722 NW 2nd Avenue in Miami, Florida 33127. 

His works are an abstract expressionist style that the artist refers to as ‘Nurealism’. Stay tuned for more info on Gersh’s upcoming show at the Surfside Community Center this September. This solo exhibition will unveil Gersh’s new series of nautical and landscape, nature-inspired paintings.

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