Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Artist Skip Hartzell is known in South Florida as "the dog artist" — but Skip's dogs are not your ordinary dogs.

'Raw Dog #1', Mixed materials with Burlap and Concrete, 75 x 45 x 35 inches. And 'Raw Dog Balls', Mixed materials with Burlap and Concrete on Steel Base, 55 x 35 x 24 inches.

Skip Hartzell might be known as “the dog artist”, but Skip’s dogs are not your typical dogs, and Skip is definitely not your average dog artist. 

'Olaf', Oil on Canvas, 48 x 60 Inches

The artwork he creates of man’s best friend are figments of his artistic imagination and creative vision. Don’t look for portraits of your pooch or pictures of dogs playing cards, you won’t find them in Skip’s repertoire.

'Dog #21', Resin, Paper, Concrete, 12 x 11 Inches

His work instead captures the carefree liveliness, lovability and whimsy of canines. Hartzell creates directly from his emotions and instincts, his work is inspired by dogs of all shapes, sizes and varieties. The artist is extremely passionate about his subject matter and donates proceeds from the sale of his artworks to animal-rescue no kill shelters.

Visitors in Skip's art studio

Skip is best known for his unique sculptures recognized immediately by their distinct form and style that only Hartzell can produce. But don’t be fooled by the cuteness of his work — just like real dogs, Skip’s dogs draw you in. 

Happy Collectors of Skip Hartzell's Dogs

All of the work is rich with intricacies of color and technique. His painterly expression captures each dog’s own personality with beautiful textures, line and brush strokes using mixed media to bring each dog to life.

Collectors and art lovers can experience Skip Hartzell's Dogs at his upcoming exhibition during Miami Art Week at Aqua Art Miami fair December 5-9, 2018 taking place at the Aqua Hotel in South Beach.

'Before Dark', Flashe & Graphite on Paper, 76 x 42 Inches

For sales, commissions or more information about the work, email: skipperhartzell@yahoo.com / www.skiphartzell.com

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