Thursday, July 27, 2017

Art Synergy in collaboration with Art Palm Beach produces more than 65 exhibitions throughout the nine Palm Beach County Art Districts.

Art Synergy is a Palm Beach countywide movement to unify and promote the diverse culture of their vibrant arts community. Four years ago in early 2013, with the help (and at the urging of) nationally known artist / activist Frank Basta Jr., Craig McInnis and Rolando Barrero (local artists and activists themselves) created a think tank. Dedicated to finding solutions instead of dwelling on problems, the think tank was a forum for local artists of all kinds to come together and discuss ideas to help the local scene grow.

The first initiative they tackled was a program of events to coincide with Art Palm Beach; in hopes that the local scene could benefit from the popular art event much like Miami has benefitted from Art Basel. Soon it was named ART SYNERGY and everything took shape. ART SYNERGY’s future goals include events that will happen periodically throughout the year, the addition of more participating art districts, and initiatives that help unify the many diverse art entities, and talented artists that Palm Beach County has to offer. With the help of local CRAs, Public Arts Departments, the DDA in WPB and the Cultural Council of Palm Beach county (to name a few), ART SYNERGY has only one place to go… onward and upward.

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