Friday, July 21, 2017

Acquiring new collectors was ranked as the #1 of the "Top Five Business Concerns" of dealers in TEFAF's 2017 annual art market report.

Acquiring new collectors was ranked as the #1 of the "Top Five Business Concerns" of dealers in TEFAF's 2017 annual art market report. Over 71.8% of the dealers responded that their main concern was the cost of acquiring new clients and 43.07 % responded maintaining and managing existing clients ranked 5th in the survey.
Source: TEFAF Art Market Report 2017
Overall the 2017 report showed that the gallery market saw a positive growth in 2016 with private dealer sales up 24%. Good news, dealer sales make up over 62% of the global $45 billion art market and growth is expected to continue throughout 2018.
America leads the world as the largest art and antique trading country with $ 11.66 billion in exports and $11.03 in imports and represents 30% of the world's art market. International art dealers breaking into this market will find reduced red tape, no duty on art and dynamically different art trends in collecting from region to region. The southern states referred to as the "Sun Belt" maintain a double digit economic growth...
Where do you expect to meet new and prospective collectors?
"Art and trade fairs are the most important platform...dealers answered that they meet 20% - 70% of their new and prospective buyers at art fairs.
Next Level Fairs, an industry leader for over 28 years, will offer its 2018 exhibitors a full range of web and digital marketing services to increase dealer's return on fair investment, increase collector retention, and reduce fair participation expenses. 

Next Level Fairs will also partner with its exhibitors to provide a more robust web presence for our dealers and their artists. Exhibitors will be offered a full range of software from state of the art CRM database management; dynamic web design; digital marketing strategy planning and real time analytical analysis of website activity, and access to leading art historians and critics for art content writing projects.  
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