Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Miami-based fine art watercolorist Terry Mulrooney

Miami-based artist Terry Mulrooney is a master watercolorist whose work is superlative. Mulrooney comes from a family of successful artisans, her passion for art is inherent and natural. She chose watercolor as her medium because she truly enjoys the challenge of mastering such a difficult art form. 

She is renowned for her evocative portraits of people and animals, florals, landscapes and nature pieces. Mulrooney's gallery includes still lifes, seascapes, tropical fruits and portraitures. 

She has created numerous successful pieces centered on South Florida's Banyan trees, palm trees and tropical flowers - some of her most famous works depict Florida's beaches, historical architecture, parks and indigenous plants. 

Mulrooney is a member of the prestigious Miami Watercolor Society and is participating in an exclusive show next month at the Deering Estate in Miami.

Represented by Miami Art Scene - for sales, pricing and commission inquiries contact Kat Wagner at (786)571-6112 (or) via

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