Monday, October 7, 2013

Miami-based artist JC Bravo

Miami-based artist JC Bravo is renowned for his voluptuous 'Cabezones y Narizones' paintings. This series is a collection of iconic characters recognizable by their swollen heads and bulbous noses. 

The exaggerated features and distorted physical proportions are a departure from the typical ideas of beauty within contemporary society. 

These artworks not only create room for social commentary, but also represent a form of protest against traditional notions of beauty. 

Bravo's symbolic characters may seem unusual by today's aesthetic standards, but it is their inherent humor and soft sensuality that make them attractive. 

In fact the artist specifically chose the words 'Cabezone' and 'Narizone' in naming his collection, which are terms used to detract, disparage or belittle. 

For instance, 'Cabezon' literally means "Big Head" in Spanish, and is considered to be a derogatory term reserved for an overly stubborn man. The artist has won numerous awards and has been featured in various publications, his work is exhibited and collected internationally.

The artist is represented by Miami Art Scene, for sales or inquiries contact Kat Wagner at (786)571-6112 (or) via

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  1. In a society bent on making us believe that looks are one of the most important components of a human being, the artist has taken us back to the notion that the eyes are the window to the soul, because it is there that I find one the most powerful statement in his paintings. The eyes, for me, are telling the viewer: "I am in here, try to get past the surface and see me for who I truly am. Perhaps this was not the artist's intention, but then, all creatives know that the moment we finish a piece it is taken from us by those who will give it meanings we may have never fathomed. Great work, congratulations JC Bravo.