Thursday, August 8, 2019

Artist Spotlight: Miami-based artist Ernesto Kunde

Miami-based artist Ernesto Kunde was born in Paraíso do Sul, Brazil in 1973. After a brief stint re-discovering his family roots in Germany (where he worked in agriculture in Mosbach), Kunde returned to Brazil in 1995 where he first began his artistic journey by experimenting with works on paper: drawings and controlled coffee stains.

Kunde has always found inspiration in his surroundings, most notably architecture and nature. Since moving to Miami in 2006, the tropical mangroves of the Everglades and South Florida have been Kunde's most prominent subject matter. 

Kunde has shown for several years at the Context, SCOPE, and Spectrum arts fairs during Art Basel and extensively throughout venues in South Florida. 

Kunde currently works out of his studio in Little Haiti, Miami, FL.

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