Monday, March 4, 2019

New month. New look. New tools. Same Superfine!

Change is good. 

For four years, Superfine! blazed a trail of accessibility and transparency in the art market, converting countless art lovers into collectors, and sparking change in each Superfine! city and how its denizens view and interact with contemporary art. 
With Superfine's new look, they're not shifting identities but evolving. Their core mission remains the same: to build an art fair that represents the pinnacle of accessible contemporary art, breaks down barriers by challenging stuffy art world norms, and creates a more friendly, inclusive space to discover, collect, and sell art. In that process they've pioneered strategies that level the playing field and set a new standard for curation within the segment of the art market with the most movement in sales. Their goal is to advance buyer trust, widening the market by redefining exactly who a collector really is.

Superfine! has shifted to a visual language that reflects how serious and dedicated they are to these goals. Along with a new look, here are just a few of the ways they're innovating towards a strong, sustainable new art market.
Better financing options.
More than 50% of their artists and galleries at Superfine! LA offered collectors the ability to pay via Art Money (an interest-free credit system). It's also important for them to stay on the cutting edge of how their direct clients - artists and galleries - can leverage new methods to thrive. Cash flow concerns can keep emerging galleries and artists from taking valuable opportunities, and Superfine! has introduced financing tools for them as well:
Square Installments
Galleries and artists in 22 states can apply for credit via Square Installments to pay for their booth(s) in as many as 12 monthly payments.
Using this service pioneered by Skype's first employee, Superfine's global exhibitors can lock in interest rates instead of being subject to the whims of banks.
Transparent Up-Front Discounts
You help Superfine's cash flow, they help yours. Pay up front and receive a 5% net discount. Two fairs? 10% Three? 15%. Ask for more details.
Challenge yourself.
Superfine! has always emphasized a strong curatorial approach, and 2019 brings with it an even greater focus on accessible art interventions that tap into the zeitgeist while giving voice to a diverse body of artists from across the globe.

Each fair will host at least three curatorial projects and installations, with an emphasis on LGBTQ+ artists and themes, along with artists from diverse walks of life channeling their experiences into tangible, exciting, immersive environments.
Where will they go next?
It's no secret that Superfine! landed in L.A. last month, and they'll be back again next year. In 2020, the fair will also expand to two more west coast cities as well as strengthening their east coast strongholds in New York and Washington DC with fairs that grow both in size and in focus, along with an amplified year-round Collectors' Society program in all cities.

Join Us: Apply Now
NYC May 2019 ••• DC Oct/Nov 2019 ••• LA February 2020
“The Superfine! team really has true control over the power of curation, presentation, and representation for their fair and collector base.”  - Art Zealous

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