Monday, March 6, 2017

Renowned street artist Whisbe has transcended an urban genre into a contemporary phenomenon

The one & only Whisbe Art - New York City street artist WhIsBe is noted for his whimsical iconography, juxtaposing innocuous and benign images within an edgier context. 

Mixed with self taught skills and an education from New York’s School of Visual Arts, Whisbe’s street work began to appear in 2011 across the US and Europe when his McDictator piece received worldwide media attention. 

The artist was speaking out by depicting Ronald McDonald as a malevolent dictator, as The Huffington Post put it, “the McDonaldization of America.” The use of this figure to expound political opinion in this familiar street theme has become popular among many other artists such as Banksy, also using the jovial mascot as a foil for sociological commentary.

Whisbe is also known for his incorrigible gummy bears - depicting various colors of gummy bears as well as other known characters such as Mickey Mouse and Darth Vader in classic mugshot images; all of whom are cleverly photographed and booked, holding a placard with relevant details listed about the "arrest".

Most recently, the artist work was on view at Art Basel with Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, Art Southampton with the Keszler Gallery, and featured in HBOs BANKSY documentary “Better Out Than In”. 

Installation at the New Museum on Bowery in NYC

Already being placed alongside numerous other successful artists such as Marco Glaviano, Russell Young and FAILE. He is certainly one to keep your eyes on with much more to come!

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