Saturday, August 11, 2018

South Florida Contemporary Artist Skip Hartzell Creates Artwork Inspired by Man's Best Friend

South Florida contemporary artist Skip Hartzell creates incredible dog-inspired art for art lovers and dog lovers alike - from paintings, sculptures to wall installations, the work is unique and heartfelt. 

"Dogs are always in the moment. Although nothing in life has held my attention longer or has been more fascinating to me than dogs, my work is about much more than that. It is about form, movement, color and texture. The dogs are a recognizable common denominator that allows me to communicate my joy of living, passions and sentiments." 
-Skip Hartzell.

Skip Hartzell's Dogs. 40% of the proceeds from Hartzell’s paintings all go to animal-rescue no kill shelters. 

For sales, commissions or more information about the work, email or call the artist at: / 561-389-2148

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