Friday, October 27, 2017

Dolphin-Created Art Brings Conservation Conversation to Superfine! Miami

Watch: Dolphin Artists Prepare For Superfine! Miami
At Superfine! - The Fair, when we say "art for all", we really mean it!

Accompanying our talented array of global artists this December will be a team of artists who paint not with their hands but their rostrums (read: mouths), and it's all for a good cause. We're proud to support Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder, a non-profit organization based in Key Largo that rescues stranded dolphins, whales, and other cetaceans in the 10,000 square mile area of ocean surrounding South Florida. The group also maintains two facilities in the Upper Keys where visitors can interact with dolphin ambassadors in order to further the organization's "connect to protect" mantra. Most excitingly, the facility's 8 bottlenose dolphins are accomplished painters! You'll discover their decidedly abstract (maybe expressionist??) works at Superfine! Miami this December, with 100% of proceeds from their art sales going to support the organization's rescue program.

The Superfine! team was lucky enough to visit our favorite non-human painters last weekend, and we managed to capture this incredible video. Take a look, and then see the final product in person at the fair this December!
Above: researcher Dr. Kelley Winship and Isaac the bottlenose dolphin.
Conservation and understanding are the name of the game for the passionate people behind Dolphins Plus. During our Miami Love opening reception at 6PM on Thursday, December 7th, we're giving you a first-hand audience with someone who knows these dolphins better than anyone. You'll hear from trainer and researcher Dr. Kelley Winship, who'll lead a talk centered around these supremely talented and charismatic megafauna, followed by a Q+A session. Even if you don't take a painting home, you'll be supporting stranded marine mammals just by coming - a portion of proceeds from ticket sales go directly to DPMMR. If you miss the talk, fret not: the dolphins' paintings will be on view and available throughout the fair.
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