Monday, April 10, 2017

The Fascinating Art Of Cuban Artist Ulices Alfonso

Cuban artist Ulices Alfonso is a Miami-based multidisciplinary artist whose current series of work ‘Abandoned‘ represents the idea of false images of the human being. Alfonso’s work was selected to be exhibited this coming May at the Cuban Nostalgia exhibition in Miami, celebrating all things Cuban. The emerging artist is quickly making a name for himself, he is definitely an up-and-coming artist to keep your eyes on.

His work is meaningful and unique, offering a deeper understanding of life with references to disfuntional families, human fears and duplistic personalities. There is an interesting quality in his work, which implies our ability to be phony at times yet believing that we are saints when in fact we are only human and very much flawed.

Alfonso depicts his characters with circles above their heads, the use of the halo to suggest the paradox of both the light and the dark within us. “My work speaks about the false image of the human being. My characters represent a circle of strong situations; fear, double faces, the inability to speak, and to be in connection with something from the past,” said the artist. “My characters speak without words, as the colors, textures, and movements speak through them.”

Alfsonso believes we are the product of a connection to many fears, always digging to find something that is missing or forgotten in our life, something ambiguous from our past perhaps.

He is the winner of a recent art competition with Interior Ink, which specializes in custom printed interior décor for bespoke applications in the architectural, commercial, and residential design communities. Alfonso’s work will be featured in New York City through Interior Ink’s summer trade show.

A figurative painter with a philosophical and esoteric approach to art, Alfonso’s work focuses on colorful, enigmatic characters who come together as a tribe of unidealized figures defying objectification. To learn more about this fascinating artist or to commission a piece, email the artist at / or to view more work and info visit here.

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