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Artopia Art Center in Wynwood celebrates 'Remembrance To Pervis Young' on April 25, 2014

Artopia Art Center in Miami's Wynwood Arts District celebrates a 'Remembrance To Pervis Young' event on April 25, 2014 from 7-10pm.

The gallery will honor Pervis Young during a remembrance event coinciding with the 4 year anniversary of the artist’s passing. Artopia is the oldest art gallery in Miami with more than 30 years in Wynwood. Artopia served as a studio for Pervis Young. Young was one of the most prolific artists of our time, he was the catalyst of Miami’s art scene paving the way for Miami to become one of the world’s greatest art cities.

The Remembrance of Pervis Young event will highlight Young’s career, which spans more than four decades. Pervis Young was born on February 4, 1943 and died on April 20, 2010. He was an American artist born in Liberty City, Florida, then moving to the Overtown neighborhood of Miami. Young's work was often a blend of collage, constructed materials and painting, utilizing found objects and discarded materials to create his masterpieces. 

                                                         Pervis Young

A self-taught artist, Young gained recognition quickly with a collectors' following. Artopia Art Center showcases many of Young’s works and will pay homage to the artist’s memory with their resident artists and gallery patrons during the April 25th Remembrance of Pervis Young event. Young’s family will be attending along with Artopia’s well-known resident artists Joe Chirichigno, Bayunga Kialeuka and Mark Cherry, with a special tribute by Artopia’s rising art star Masplata. Guests will have the opportunity to enter a raffle for an authentic Pervis Young art piece, and the gallery will be offering affordable artwork for sale.


                                                             Mark Cherry

 Joe Chirichigno

The Collection at the gallery is comprised of artwork by a wide array of artists from the US, Latin America, Cuban masters to contemporary emerging painters and sculptors. Artopia has forged a new framework for understanding the momentous changes in Miami's cultural life over the years. The gallery promotes cultural development in the art community by supporting innovative visual art projects and cultivating the early careers of many emerging artists, bringing them to the forefront of the art world.

Artopia Art Center is located at 1753 NE 2nd Avenue in Miami, Florida 33132. The gallery is nestled in the heart of Miami’s famed Wynwood Arts District. Artopia’s staff of industry experts have extensive knowledge and experience of art and are available to visitors and collectors during gallery hours, Tuesday thru Saturday 12pm - 7pm. Contact the gallery at (305) 374-8882 or online at Artopia Art Center.

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