Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Art Fair Game: Two Fairs Coming To Silicon Valley

The local art fair market is undergoing a period of rapid growth and change, soaring art prices are driving the demand for new art fairs. Two art fairs will debut in Silicon Valley this year, the art organizers of Art Miami have set their sights on the tech industry. "There's an undeniable force of international tech-business and venture capital money in the Valley region, " says founder of Art Miami, Nick Korniloff, who will direct the new fair Art Silicon Valley/San Francisco this October 9-12, 2o14.

Meanwhile, the Hamptons Expo Group, which ran the San Francisco Fine Art Fair until last year, will launch the Silicon Valley Contemporary this Spring, April 1o-13, 2o14 at the San Jose Convention Center where clients can purchase works via Google Glasses and tablets. The Hamptons Expo Group president Rick Friedman says, "A lot of corporations out there are building collections - Adobe, Facebook, Google, Cisco - and we're actively involved with them."

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