Monday, January 27, 2014

Gator in the Bay is going to Art Basel Hong Kong

Miami-based artist Lloyd Goradesky's Gator in the Bay is off to Hong Kong this Spring, May 15-18, 2o14. The Gator is no stranger in Asia, last year an image of Gator in the Bay from Art Basel Miami was used to promote the inaugural Art Basel Hong Kong show to demonstrate the wondrous creativity and artistic magnitude that exists within the art world today. Artist Lloyd Goradesky's grandiose scale of art has given him worldwide acclaim, he recently received the prestigious 'Impact Artist of the Year' award, and his artwork was acknowledged by the Clinton Global Initiative as a testament to the power of art and how important art is to convey a message. As his list of accolades and recognition continues to grow, Goradesky is reaching a unique audience that appreciates the power of his art along with it's unique message. Gator in the Bay was created to generate awareness for the Florida Everglades.

Gator in the Bay is a 33,ooo pound alligator the size of a football field that floats. The head is a 3-story steel sculpture built on a self-propelled barge, the upper jaw opens and closes. The 180 foot body is a photo mosaic created with 1o4 Floating Art Tiles that are each 8 feet by 4 feet. The illusion of the alligator body is created with over 83,ooo images of the Florida Everglades. Each individual Floating Art Tile is made up of over 3,ooo images from photographs that Goradesky shot in the Florida Everglades, which he magnificently captured for over two decades.

After the Gator's tremendous success at Art Basel Miami Beach 2o12 and 2o13, we are certain that the reward for the exhibitor in Hong Kong will surpass all expectations. We are looking for a Sponsor that is able to exhibit and manage worldwide exposure that comes with a unique public spectator art piece. The opportunities for Gator in the Bay are endless, it is a complete exhibit that includes: Tshirts, Posters, Project Diagrams, Hats, Books, and Mixed Media Art, in addition to the sale of the Floating Art Tiles.

If you would like to be a Sponsor for Gator in the Bay at Art Basel Hong Kong and would like to participate in making art history, please contact Kat Wagner at Miami Art Scene via: Another interesting feature of Gator in the Bay is that it appears different throughout the day and night. During the daylight hours, the illusion seems very real and genuine. In the darkness, the Floating Art Tiles become darkened alligator scales, which silhouette with underwater lighting.

Miami-based artist Lloyd Goradesky has successfully used the power of art to bring awareness to our natural surroundings. The project is airing on Learning Channel, PBS, Art Loft, Discovery Channel USA & Canada, National Geographic, as well as countless local, national and international media vehicles, publications and broadcast stations. Once an artist reaches the type of world-class status that Goradesky has achieved, the sky is the limit. Keep your eyes peeled for Gator in the Bay at the gateway between East and West - Hong Kong. One of the world's most dynamic international capitals, Art Basel Hong Kong will be taking place May 15-18, 2o14. The artist and Gator in the Bay are represented by Miami Art Scene - for sales or inquiries contact Kat Wagner at

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