Thursday, September 26, 2013

Miami-based artist Barbara M de Varona

Miami-based artist Barbara M de Varona is known for her beloved, signature character 'Egghead' - who is one of the artist's most recognizable subjects. 

Her 'Egghead Series' represents emotion, human frailty and self love. The character was conceived through Varona as an emotionally driven form of expression, through which feeling, understanding and compassion could be conveyed. Love, kindness, sensitivity and humanity are all embodied and expressed through Egghead and the artwork that stems from this precious persona. 

Varona is also the Founder and Chief Curator of 'I Am Wynwood' - a creative project that pays homage to Miami's Art District and the Wynwood community. The project is an extensive collection of portraits depicting the people and personalities who collectively create and manifest the Wynwood Arts District. 

The portraits actualize the people who add to the beautiful energy that resonates throughout the neighborhood, and who have helped shape it into what it is today - and what it will continue to become. Varona's 'I Am Wynwood Project' compiles and defines the countless faces of the people who create, inspire and evolve the Wynwood community. 

Barbara M de Varona is definitely someone to keep your eye on as she continues to forge ahead and make a name for herself as an artist, curator and humanitarian within Miami's thriving art scene.

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