Monday, September 16, 2013

'Love of Technology' exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami (MoCA)

Join us at The Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami's opening reception of their upcoming exhibition 'Love of Technology Knight Exhibition Series' on Thursday, September 26, 2o13 from 7-9pm. RSVP via - 'Love of Technology' is a group exhibition of artists from around the world who question the relationship between humans and technology - on view from Sept.27 - Nov.3, 2o13.

The artists included in this exhibition explore the impact of continued interaction between users and operating systems. They challenge the logic of computer operating systems and question the impact of continued interaction between humans and technology. Drawing upon the traditions of minimalism and conceptual art, the artists examine ways in which consumers approach objects, and the interdependence that develops between humans and the machines they use.

'Love of Technology' includes existing works by established artists such as Andrea Zittel, as well as newly commissioned and site-specific works by artists who are having their American museum debuts, such as Lena Henke and Ben Schumacher. The exhibition builds on MoCA's tradition of providing a platform for emerging artists along with those who are underrepresented institutionally in the United States.

"The artists in this exhibition take apart popular technologies and reassemble them in ways that challenge perceptions and critique established idealogies, " said Alex Gartenfeld, Curator. "We're especially pleased to include in this exhibition the American museum debuts of emerging international artists like Ian Chang, Morag Keil, and Anika Yi - advancing MoCA's longstanding commitment to showcasing the next generation of artistic talent."

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