Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Miami-based Artist Alexander Mijares' Custom Painted Lamborghini

Miami-based artist Alexander Mijares is on fire with his newest art commissions involving auto design work. He created a custom wrap Fiat 5oo in July, and he recently custom painted a stunning Lamborghini with his signature style art. 

Mijares is a self-taught artist whose pursuit of art was purely accidental. After grabbing some brushes and paint to simply decorate his own home, he has become an overnight sensation and has achieved incredible momentum and fame as an international artist. 

Alex Mijares has exhibited at The Marquis Hotel for the Venue Magazine Cover Party, the Lupus Foundation, Coral Gables Museum, Baltas: The Spanish Art of Luxury, The American Cancer Society, and his art was featured in Times Square as part of the ArtistWanted.org campaign - which is just the tip of the iceberg. 

He is an extremely versatile artist whose work encompasses fine art paintings, murals, sculptures, merchandising, auto design and more. 

Mijares Art Studio is located at 7oo NE Street in Miami, FL 33137.

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