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Artist Lara Lenhoff Beautifully Blends Her Art, Music, Philanthropy & Curatorial Projects

Clearwater-based artist Lara Lenhoff began her art career in early 2014 exhibiting work at The Misfit Gallery in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas, Texas. Being embraced by a curator there, Lara was inspired to create an abundance of art. “I’ve painted every day and night since then. Teaching myself how to utilize palette knives, I would spend hours incorporating the style while listening to music. Embarking on a creative journey with this style has led me to where I am today. I have found healing and effective coping strategies through the utilization of creative expression.”

‘Robot Dog’

The artist is a philanthropist as well, fundraising for meaningful events, special projects and organizations worldwide. Lara has made it a personal mission to give back to her community in every way that she can as an artist. In working with local city officials and Cultural Affairs Departments as a liaison for the arts, Lara is able to curate shows and lend support to artists and photographers who share her vision of giving back to their communities.


Her company The Artsy Monkey provides opportunities to local and emerging artists to exhibit their work. Focusing on the concept of community engagement and being of service to those in need has given Lara tremendous fulfillment, “Coordinating fundraising events and bringing together other artists to get exposure for their talent is something I highly value,” explained Lara. She is now based in Clearwater, Florida having just recently relocated from Texas with an upcoming exhibition in Saint Petersburg, Tampa area.

Lara Lenhoff, painting live

Painting live is a true passion of Lara’s, she enjoys doing it at events to raise funds for the organizations that she works with. Lara is currently exhibiting at From the Heart Gallery in Galveston, Texas and has work hanging at Art Space in Dallas. Her work is versatile, but she developed a definitive style which can be interpreted as an abstract form of architectural structures. Lara explained that she is inspired by the music she listens to when working on a painting. “I feel the vibrations in the music and transpose my interpretations of the lyrics into visual pieces of art. I’m also a singer-songwriter and have been playing piano since I was 8-years-old.”

‘City Underwater’

“If there’s anything that I’ve learned while focusing on making my career successful, it’s that patience is the most crucial asset to survival. Everything is a progression just like chords on a musical level. Music is the fundamental backbone that inspires what I create visually. Having experience as a singer and songwriter, I appreciate the rhythm, lyrics, and melodies of the music I listen to,” said Lara.

‘Lady Robota with Camera Hands’

For the past two years Lara has produced an event called Music Fuels the Picture, which raises funds for Life Walk, in affiliation with Prism Health of North Texas. At this event, there are several bands that donate their time and perform. Lara paints live at these events and sells raffle tickets for the pieces she creates. All the proceeds go to Life Walk, which provides funding in the community for those who are struggling with HIV and AIDS. The funds provide testing, food, shelter, counseling and other medical care. Last year Lara received an award for employee fundraising in North Texas for Life Walk.

She is also the artist coordinator for Porchfest, which raises funds that go towards the beautification of East Dallas neighborhoods through local bands performing on historic front porches with beer, wine, local artists and food.

‘Phantom on the Bridge’

“It became my goal to represent artists and photographers to further nurture emerging talent in the Dallas area. I produced the art show, Platinum Exhibit, and then introduced, Through the Lens, a photography exhibit consisting of 111 photographs. My goal is to nurture, foster, educate and inspire. These variables focus my beliefs in the talent I represent. I’ve been fortunate to have been mentored by people in the community that understand my vision and passion. I’ve built friendships, partnerships and strong relationships that have established ties within the local community. I’ve raised over $23,000 for various charitable organizations with colleagues and non-profits that include Austin Street, Life Walk and Hearts for the Arts.”

‘Rising Above Chaos’

Lara also has a line of art products and merchandise, her popular limited-edition soy candles feature art images from the early years of her work. They are excellent quality and can burn for several hours, leaving a lovely scent that will fill the room. Each candle has a unique image on it and they are available in either black or white glass, beautifully boxed and ready to give as a gift or keep for yourself.

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