Monday, March 28, 2016

Balance And Escape At Sirona Fine Art With Shimmering Poolscapes Paired With Abstract/Realist Nature Paintings

Dual art show introducing artists SAMANTHA FRENCH and JESSICA PISANO at Sirona Fine Art gallery at Gulfstream Park. Showcasing two distinct painters, one capturing nostalgic, youthful memories, the other fusing energy with serenity.

Miami Art Scene™ announces an exhilarating dual Opening at Sirona Fine Art on Friday, April 1st 2016 featuring artist Jessica Pisano’s solo exhibition “Balance”  and Samantha French’s solo exhibition“Escape”. Pisano and French present two different dynamics in painting style, color and emotions. What they both accomplish is a celebration of the world around us, the simple and achievable beauties in nature and experience, whether it be Pisano’s personal, subjective view of the living presence contained in a simple isolated tree or French’s joyous plunges into simple but glorious bodies of water.

“As a still new gallery, Sirona Fine Art is working to define itself and find a collectors base for our artists. The initial focus of the gallery remains the same: to promote artists who encompass a broad spectrum of representational art, from academic realism to loose and painterly works. The main purpose is skillful art that connects,” explained Timothy Smith, Gallery Director of Sirona Fine Art. “In choosing Samantha French and Jessica Pisano, we found two artists that beautifully succeed in this broad focus for different reasons,” said Smith.

Jessica Pisano’s poetic, meditative paintings were inspired by her childhood in the rolling hills, pristine shorelines and the co-existent wildlife of Martha’s Vineyard. Pisano’s oils feature isolated, majestic presentations of trees and the ocean as well as delicate, fragile depictions of birds in flight. Loose, expressionistic backgrounds are anchored by carefully rendered images of nature, creating a beautiful balance of classical and modernistic styles.

Pisano incorporates backgrounds that are expressionistic, about the surface and movement of the paint medium, intermixed with gold leaf. She incorporates another reality on top of this, with skillful, traditional methods of color and form. It is a harmonic marriage of classic and contemporary modes of painting. The backgrounds have immediacy and energy of the artist’s hand while the middle of the paintings have focus, quiet and strength. She pursued her interest in art at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon; graduating in 1999 with a BFA in painting and photography. Pisano participated in a year abroad program to study fine art at the Lorenzo de Medici School in Florence, Italy. In 2002, she earned an MA in Arts Administration from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Samantha French’s poolscapes shimmer and vibrate with patterned segments of intense color and barely paused, floating movement. It achieves this through a neat combination of appearing absolutely real to the eye while being a very obvious quilt of pigmented canvas. French manages to convey playfulness and the eternal buoyant freedom of summer, the cool loosening from the heavy world around of us of heat and gravity into a suspended dream. The work is accomplished and joyful.

French’s current body of work explores the idea of escape, the tranquility and nostalgia for the lazy summer days of her childhood. The series is inspired by Samantha’s own reflections and memories of her childhood summers spent in the lakes of Northern Minnesota. French graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2005; she is a full-time painter and keeps a studio in Brooklyn, New York.

Both solo exhibitions will be on view from April 1, 2016 through June 2, 2016 at Sirona Fine Art – a grand showcase for artists who embrace classic academic structure and technique, yet have an understanding and facility within the modernist landscape in which their work is viewed. Located in Gulfstream Park at 600 Silks Run #1240 in Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009RSVP for the Opening Reception: See and learn more at or call (954)454-9494.

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