Thursday, January 14, 2016

Miami Artist Troy Simmons' Work Elegantly Blends Nature and Modern Brutalist Architecture

Miami-based visual artist Troy Simmons is inspired by nature’s persistence to co-exist despite the impact we impose – combined with his fascination for the Brutalist Architectural movement of the 1950’s, the result is a contemporary re-incarnation of the Arte Povera genre. Simmons uses concrete, color fields & organic forms to express his position on the harmonious existence of different entities.

“Opposites attract. Although rather cliche, it’s a theme that echos true to my intense fascination with nature and modern Brutalist Architecture. Concrete, acrylics and raw natural elements allow me to physically explore the ideological perceptions of incompatible binary relationships,” explains Simmons.

“My inspiration is drawn from the evolution of our social structure and nature’s persistence to coexist despite the elements that work against it. Relationships and families formed regardless of political, ethnic or religious backgrounds are parallel experiences found in the natural world around us. The contrast is easily seen in sprouts of grass, growing through a small crack in the sidewalk. These ideas fuel my passion to create unique art that exposes the stable coexistence of opposites.”

Troy Simmons is a strong believer in discovery through creation and describes his work as an exploration of the relationship between nature and man. Simmons challenges himself by creating unique pieces that expose the beauty that is created when these elements collide. The artist is represented by Jankossen Contemporary (New York/Basel, Switzerland) and is a resident artist at Bakehouse Art Complex – Studio #27, in the Wynwood Arts District at 561 NW 32nd Street, Miami Florida 33127. 

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