Tuesday, December 22, 2015

MAS Arts & Culture Feature: World Premiere Play ‘Unlikely Heroes’ Opens January 2016 In Boca Raton

Unlikely Heroes by retired doctor Charles Gluck is a family drama about ordinary people under extraordinary circumstances. Directed by and starring Avi Hoffman with an A-list cast playing at the Studio Theatre at Mizner Park’s Cultural Arts Center.

MIAMI, FL – (December 22, 2015) – The anticipated world premiere play Unlikely Heroes by Charles Gluck, starring & directed by Avi Hoffman opens January 28, 2016 and runs through February 21, 2016 at the Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center in Boca Raton. The play will take viewers on a riveting emotional roller-coaster ride with a dysfunctional family – is there any other kind?

Retired doctor Charles Gluck and his son Michael co-produced the play together. Writer and Producer Charles Gluck practiced Gastroenterology while performing stand-up comedy on the side - now retired, Gluck has returned to his calling of creative writing and the theatre. Executive Producer of the play, Michael Gluck, is the Founder and President of VGMarket, a leading global market research firm specializing in entertainment, media, and technology, and the largest provider of consumer research to the video game industry. This extraordinary father and son duo and their tragicomic creation exemplify the bonds and tenacity of the family unit.

In their play, a close-knit family finds these bonds tested when plagued with a sudden crisis. Yet with all the dark secrets and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, they discover that strength can be found in the most unexpected of people and places. Heroes aren't always born, they're made under the most extraordinary of circumstances. Unlikely Heroes is playing at the Studio Theatre at Boca Raton's Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center, renowned actor Avi Hoffman directs and stars in this riveting dramedy that reveals an enduring unity underneath a fragmented family portrait.

Unlikely Heroes is a rare theatre collaboration, as the entire cast consists of an all-star group of actors including Avi Hoffman, Margot Moreland, Michael H. Small, Patti Gardner, Kim Ostrenko, and Robert Johnston. “Never before have the best of the best actors in South Florida ever been assembled into the same cast. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime production”, said Charles Gluck, Writer and Producer of Unlikely Heroes.

Laughter, love, dark secrets, anger, sadness, joy, and hope are woven into the fabric of this captivating new dramedy about a dysfunctional family faced with seemingly insurmountable circumstances. Playing January 28 through February 21, 2016 at Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center, 201 Plaza Real (opposite Lord & Taylor) in Boca Raton, Florida 33432. Learn more about this world premiere play at UnlikelyHeroesPlay.com, or call (800)595-4949. Purchase tickets here. For media inquiries, to schedule an interview or receive additional information, please contact: Kat Wagner via email editor@themiamiartscene.com and/or phone at (786)571-6112.

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