Friday, November 22, 2013

Deon Rubi presents hand-crafted accessories for Perez Art Museum (PAMM)

Miami-based artist Lucila Garcia De Onrubia is the creator of Deon Rubi, a refined yet playful brand of wearable art objects. The artist is debuting the latest collection of hand-crafted accessories at the opening of the new Perez Art Museum (PAMM) Gift Shop. The inaugural gift shop collection will showcase Deon Rubi's jewelry, which is fabricated from up-cycled materials. The new collection offers limited edition earrings, unique bracelets, and necklaces for passionate patrons of the arts. Deon Rubi's pieces embody the fine traditions of jewelry from the edge of modern design.

Throughout the evolution of the Deon Rubi brand, the artist worked with industrial scraps and other non-traditional materials to channel a unique style through jewelry as a medium. Similar to an alchemical process, raw materials are transformed from junk to jewelry in an impressive way. The artist plays with the sophistication of form as sculptural design while maintaining a handmade quality in her work.

The Deon Rubi brand began in 2oo7 with a vision of turning trash into treasure. The artist believed that the concept of repurposing could go further beyond its usual DIY aesthetic, whereby Deon Rubi turned to reclaimed acrylic pieces to give recycled jewelry a modern feel. Through the use of clean lines, transparencies and geometric shapes, the first collection was born. These original, bold pieces became a brand basic and marked the path for Deon Rubi Jewelry. The brand's work ethics form the core of its design process, and challenge the way we relate to the earth and its resources. Deon Rubi is not naive to the possibilities of new technologies, yet finds it important to be on the front of preserving a handmade tradition that is an essential part of our nature.

Visit the new Perez Art Museum during opening week's "PAMM Community Days" coinciding with Art Basel Miami, December 4-8, 2o13. The PAMM is located at 11o3 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami, Florida 33132. Miami-Dade residents receive free museum admission to the collection, exhibits, events and of course, the gift shop featuring Deon Rubi's conciously crafted wearable objects.

 "Deon Rubi will always use recycled, up-cycled and vintage materials whenever possible to provide its supporters with a consciously crafted object they can wear." - Lucila Garcia De Onrubia

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